Anti-abortion group stages protest on campus

Members of Created Equal protested on campus Wednesday afternoon. Above, a counter-protestor confronts a member of the group.

An anti-abortion non-profit organization protested their pro-life beliefs on campus in the DeDe plaza around the fountain. Graphic images were spread amongst the area leaving students feeling triggered and overwhelmed.

“It’s causing a big disruption for students, especially ones that are pregnant on campus, which we have a lot of,” said ISU student Josie Angel. “It’s very sad because the counseling center is very overran right now, so creating this kind of disruption is hurting students. They can’t get help with our counseling center being understaffed. They are harassing students and following them and they have a sign that contradicts Black Lives Matter, which is very upsetting. It’s not okay to see this on campus.”

Students feel as though they are unable to feel comfortable on campus after groups such as Created Equal protest.

“They made a student have a panic attack,” said ISU student Xandra Dungan. “This obviously doesn’t represent the University’s values and we need to do something about this or students are going to continue to have issues moving forward. This is our safe space (ISU) and we are continuing to be harassed by people like this.”

Michele Soliz, Ph.D. the Vice President for Student Affairs at ISU sent an email to the student body that read,

“Created Equal’s presence on campus was not endorsed or sponsored by Indiana State University.  It is free speech in a public area and our country’s laws allow this protected speech. This may have been the first time you witnessed this kind of public display.  Everyone has the option to listen, to exchange ideas peacefully, or to ignore altogether.”

The end of the email also listed resources available for students to talk to if needed.