When students register for classes for an upcoming semester, they often get the choice on whether they want a morning class as early as 8 a.m. or an afternoon/night class that could start way late in the evening. There are some benefits to morning classes, with the idea that your day is done sooner if you start earlier. However, for students involved in athletics and clubs outside of class, morning classes can lead to unpreparedness, tardiness and even prompt students to skip the class altogether.

Camryn Sample, sophomore at ISU, starts every school day of the week with a morning class at 9 p.m. “Morning classes can be great,” Sample said. “I think it can depend on the professor and how much they engage their class. That would cause me to dread the class rather than it being in the morning.”

Sample is currently enrolled in a night class that is relevant to her major. “I needed this class for my major,” she said. “I do not prefer night classes, as that is usually when I like to do wind down in my dorm and do some studying. It throws me off my routine.”

 Madison Buschkoetter, sophomore at ISU, claims she is not a morning person. “As much as I like to sleep in,” Buschkoetter says, “I think morning classes are the most beneficial for me. They give me a balanced schedule and a sense of a routine.” Morning classes can feel comforting to new students, as most of them have just graduated from a high school where classes started early in the morning every day. Buschkoetter claims, “I do think morning classes helped with the transition from high school to college. It gave me a similar routine, my classes come first in the morning, and extra-curriculars and spending time with friends comes after.” Whether you enjoy morning classes or you are silently cursing out your alarm clock, ISU offers classes at different times throughout the day to accommodate its students.