Over the past few weeks in the Student Counseling Center, a board has been set up in front of the center that explains tips on how to cope or combat with anxiety. Students can feel extremely anxious with college classes, especially towards the finals season. It is of the utmost importance that students take time to breathe, and relax. 

Maddie Buschkoetter, a sophomore at Indiana State University, often finds herself anxious during the academic year, especially around finals time. 

“Deadlines are the worst part of it all, Buschkoetter said. “It can get stressful trying to meet all of the due dates, especially when there are several things to do on the same day.” 

Not all majors have the same finals experience. Some have to study for large exams, and some have large group or single projects due. This can all seem overwhelming and unachievable, and that is where the SCC comes in to help. 

“I think it is helpful for people like me to know that we can reach out to the center for support,” Buschkoetter said. “Even if someone is not comfortable with contacting a counselor, having access to this information at all times makes this campus feel safe and inclusive.” 

This event repeats every week on every Monday and Thursday for four sessions. The event is held in Gillum Hall at 217 N 6th Street on the 2nd floor.