The focus of many of my articles has been on the happenings of the federal government. They are easier to keep track of and honestly more entertaining.

However, while many are going through their daily routines, the Indiana GOP is poised to pass several bills that will disrupt the lives of many Hoosiers.

We knew that this spring’s legislative session was going to be a highly partisan one.

Late last year, Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston brought up that the party had been eyeing passage of a bill similar in language to the Texas abortion ban. Though it was not confirmed that it was going to be on the docket this spring, it will be something to keep in mind.

That is an obvious overreach on a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, but the INGOP has their focus on other horrid bills as well that will likely impact the lives of every Hoosier in the state. In this case, it is our future generation with our kids.

State Senators Scott Baldwin, Jeff Raatz, Travis Holdman, Linda Rogers, John Crane, Aaron Freeman and Mike Gaskill have authored Senate Bill 167, which will override our K-12 curriculum and put all Indiana teachers in a bind they do not deserve to be in.

This bill would force teachers to create individual curriculums if a student’s parent feels that a subject is not “appropriate” and give impartiality to extremist historical parties like the Nazi Party of Germany.

Are we really supposed to force teachers to say that there are two sides to the Holocaust?

Not only is this bill a slap in the face to education, but it is just outright disrespectful to those who are educators. There is already a shortage of teachers and this is supposed to help solve that issue?

Should this bill be allowed to pass, it will be a stain on this wonderful state and yet another signal that the decade of Republican rule in this state has caused irreversible damage to the state’s future.

Another egregious bill that is making its way through the Indiana chambers is House Bill 1077, authored by Representatives Ben Smaltz and Matt Lehman.

This bill would eliminate the need to have a license to carry a handgun in Indiana. One of the most basic procedures that can be done to carry a handgun is being eliminated.

What really is the sense in it? It is already very lax here getting guns anyway, so why do something as foolish as this?

Even the police departments are saying that this bill is not great and would make it even harder than it is now to ensure someone is not in possession of a firearm illegally.

Republicans want to “back the blue” so much that they go against them on something this serious? They want to make it easier for a criminal to be walking amongst you and your family with a loaded firearm.

This bill isn’t protecting a constitutional right; it is making the streets more dangerous.

Around 30% of over 10,000 rejected applications for a handgun carry permit were due to a previous felony conviction. What stops them from obtaining a firearm if there is not even a simple background check ran?

There was very little forward thinking done in this bill, as the ramped-up punishments for violating the law are not going to deter anyone.

So, to summarize, the Indiana GOP wants your kids to possibly not learn about slavery, but to learn that there is some good to be found in the Nazi Party.

They want to make traffic stops way more dangerous for police officers and the streets more dangerous for everyone. All in the name of “conservative values.”

What it really is though is a partisan attempt to change Indiana for the worse.

The crackpot ideas that were thought up by the most extreme individuals of the party are being pushed out and we will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

Call the offices of your representatives and senators and demand that they put an end to this chicanery.