The Green New Deal is nothing but a propagated idea from far-leftists. The whole thing is some sort of dreamed up utopian idea that is distanced from reality. This is something that Democrats that are from cities must come to understand.

Let’s break this down a bit. This is truly a struggle between what is possible and what is imaginary. One thing is certain; climate change is real and is advancing due to human innovation and actions.

This is where Republican politicians do get things wrong. Marjorie Taylor Greene just last week was saying that there is nothing that we can do about climate change. That statement, just as the Green New Deal, is not based on reality.

How can someone believe that there is nothing we can do? Today, it almost feels like there are only two seasons, summer, and winter. The erratic weather patterns and events across this country point to something needing to be done.

On the contrary, how can we simply say that we must tear it all down to fix it. There is no real numeric value to both the damage being caused and to how much it would cost to fix.

Ideas like the Green New Deal would require upending everything. As great as that may sound to some, I hate to say, it is simply not possible.

President Biden has the right idea about where to take this. When he hears about investment in cleaner energy, he hears the word jobs. However, to what extent can we do these investments.

Part of the problem is that the far-left does not think broad enough on how to tackle these issues. Instead of simply saying it all needs to go and only focus on renewables, why not focus on what we can do now with the technology we have today?

Coal has been the enemy for the Democrats for a while now. The fact is that coal is now cleaner than many other sources of energy to both extract and use.

With innovations like carbon capture and other solutions to mitigate the CO2 output, we do not need to abandon coal completely and put all those miners out of work.

And no, they cannot just be told to “learn how to code.”

Another often ignored aspect is nuclear energy. It is cheap, clean, and efficient. It gets a bad rep, but it could be the most achievable weapon in combatting climate change.

A simple 1000-megawatt power plant could power a city the size of Boston or Seattle. Think about that for a moment. Cities with about 700,000 people could receive enough power from just one of those.

The jobs that would be provided are good paying and the cheapness of that energy is majorly beneficial to the future of our economy. As of right now, 20% of our energy is provided by nuclear, with just 55 plants doing all that work.

We could transform the energy sector by powering the Midwest and Plains states with nuclear, bringing jobs, prosperity, and freer wallets to small-town and rural America.

So, with all of that in mind, why are Progressive Democrats so silent on the potential saliency of nuclear energy and clean coal? Because it does not fit their narrative.

It is something that we can achieve by putting funding towards now, and there would go a key issue that they use to fundraise and scare people with.

On the flipside, people on the far-right see this too.

How would they rile up people in rural America to vote for them if they couldn’t hit Democrat’s for supporting legislation that kills the jobs in small and rural communities? So, you will not see them voting to support this either.

It’s time that both sides start listening to our demands on this issue.

Let’s put the politics aside, quit playing the posturing game, and get to working on what is doable now. That way we can guarantee that all Americans get to see a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.