On March 11, 2021, Anna-Marie Carver held a call-out meeting for her newly founded organization, Alliance for Disability Awareness. She held out hopes that enough people would join to make it a university organization, and she was ecstatic to find out they did. Carver, a senior at Indiana State, reflected on her reasoning for founding the organization. “I am hard of hearing and rely on a hearing aid to communicate well with people. I enjoyed my experiences with this program so much, I wanted to replicate it to the best of my ability at ISU,” Carver says. “I knew that ISU was lacking in representation of disability students, so I decided to create the Alliance for Disability Awareness.” Carver is a full-time student, along with being a part of the Gregory S. Fehribach program through Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis. It is a program which provides equitable internships for Indiana college students with physical disabilities.

ADA's goals are to create a safe space for students with any form of disability, advocate for more inclusive policies at ISU, spread education and awareness about disabilities to the student body, and to help students network. “As President, I serve as the only undergraduate representative on the board for disability services at ISU and I am the voice of the ADA community,” Carver says.  “I delegate other representative tasks to my executive team by having them hold the liaison seat in Student Government Association and being a representative at different subcommittees.” The organization has guest speakers come to meetings and talk about resources to help teach members how to build skills to prepare them for life after college with a disability.

This year, you can see ADA be involved in many things on campus. They plan to be in the homecoming parade, and they will also be at the library during midterms and finals with a de-stress table. Students can stop by to check out some relaxing activities, learn about what resources are available to them, and they can meet some of the officers. On Dec. 3 they are having a collaborating event with Student Government Association for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, but details of the event are to be determined.

Interested in joining Alliance for Disability Awareness? Students can go to the ADA page on TreeHouse and message the officers, or they can send an email to indianastateada@gmail.com to join or contact for all other inquiries.