Bracing for injustice in Rittenhouse trial

Kyle Rittenhouse is sworn in to testify during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on Nov. 10, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Mark Hertzberg-Pool/Getty Images/TNS)

Residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin, brace for what could be an ugly outcome and await the Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict.

Eighteen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse faces five charges ranging from first-dregree reckless homicide to first-degree recklessly endangering safety after killing two men and wounding another during the summer 2020 riots.

Time and time again, institutions set in place to ensure the equal justice of all, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality, seem to always fall short in bringing about justice for Americans that aren't of European descent.

This case, a case that seems obvious to overturn the public's opinion, will send shockwaves not only throughout communities across the country but throughout the halls of state and local legislatures.

Public opinion, the concept once was confined within the community of one's thoughts, and determination of an issue is now influenced heavily by politicians and political parties as the nation engages in the divisiveness spewing from Washington.

As for Rittenhouse, you have him rightfully seen as a murderer on the left; With praises and justification coming in from a prominently white, conservative population on the right.

Unlike in the Chauvin trial, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and sole survivor Gaige Grosskreutz don't have the empathy of the public because of their affiliation with the Black Live Matter protests and the unjust shootings.

The constant affiliation with the shooting victims and the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn't be getting attention if the goal wasn't to push a false narrative portrayed by pundits in Fox Newsrooms, and unfortunately, the courtrooms.

With the judicial climate focused on Texas and the state's abortion law that went into effect in May of this year, the issue of citizens taking the law into their own hands is in the full spotlight.

At the time of the shooting, Rittenhouse, tasked with protecting a used car dealership, took the job of law enforcement into his own hands.

Especially in Texas, officials and political leaders warn that deputizing private citizens will have an ugly outcome in the end.

A country that is politically and racially divided cannot afford to deputize its citizens.

The Rittenhouse trial verdict will see dog whistles across the country, allowing the Jim Crow nod to extend well beyond women's rights, but bullets into black Americans that might be walking home with Skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea.

Awaiting the verdict, the public may have more than an opinion; there is already a predicted outcome.

Over the weekend Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers placed 500 National Guard troops on standby as the trail approached.

History shows that any time state and/or city officials ramp up law enforcement during a trial of this magnitude, they're bracing for the worst possible outcome.

This trial is different. This trial has been deeply politicized and has several racial undertones both inside and outside of the courtroom.

You have the Rittenhouse team criticizing the presence of "black pastors" and civil rights leader Al Sharpton's presence.

Additionally, a point of concern is the judge's ringtone, Lee Greenwood's 1984 song "God Bless The USA," a tune familiar to the infamous Trump rallies and has raised flags concerning political and racial bias in the courtroom.

The President of Kenosha NAACP, Anthony Davis, has spoken out about the possible political biases in the courtroom by saying, "I'm just looking of it to be a fair and just trial. We all look for people to put their personal feelings aside."

With the news of the National Guard’s deployment, social media spiraled into speculation of the acquittal of Rittenhouse.

Many speculate that there will be further divide within the country following the outcome of this trial.

In Cleveland, you have 12-year-old Tamir Rice killed by officers at a park for playing with a toy gun; and you have Kyle Rittenhouse, carrying a weapon in public, being handed a bottle of water by officers.

The cost of two Americas cost lives. The cost of two judicial systems removes the blindfold from the face of justice.

Year after year, we see the judicial system under pressure. The outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will have immense ramifications that will serve as a nod to others that may want to follow suit.

If acquitted, it will send the message that the justice system isn’t blind. If found guilty, it will send a message that you will be punished for your actions if you take the law into your hands.