Derailed Harris interview was a missed opportunity

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris meets with faith and community leaders who are assisting with the processing of migrants seeking asylum at El Paso International Airport in Texas on June 25, 2021. 

ABC's "The View" had a long-anticipated interview with Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday.

The interview was supposed to highlight the show's historic 25th season, as they emphasized the symbolism behind the first woman Vice President sitting at the Hot Topics table.

It was derailed minutes into the show as two co-hosts tested positive for COVID-19 moments before the Vice President took her seat.

This was a highly anticipated interview by viewers and politicians on both sides of the aisle as the Biden administration has been silent on various issues, specifically the Haitian migrant crisis happening along the Texas southern border.

Viewers watched Thursday's show to co-host Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro criticizing the administration’s handling of the border crisis, revealing that they were not going to hold back on the questions asked during Friday's interview.

This got many anticipating a hard-hitting interview and the administration's first interview in some time.

The Vice President's interview was supposed to last for half of the show's one-hour taping. Instead, it lasted for a total of eight minutes.

Joy Behar and Sara Haines remained at the table and began to improvise the show by taking questions from the audience.

The interview eventually took place 51 minutes into the hourlong show, with many criticizing the interview as being a "softball interview" as the questions asked were underwhelming.

There are so many crises that this administration is too quiet on.

With White House reporters officially filing a complaint against the administration for not taking questions from the press, this would've been the first time we heard from the administration since the migrant crisis began.

The claim that the administration derailed the interview may seem like a long shot, but it may seem to have more weight than we thought.

Hours after the show, ABC announced that Sunny and Ana later tested negative.

What are the odds that the two women who were going to ask the Vice President hard-hitting questions on what's going on at the border received false-positive COVID-19 results?

The silence coming from the Biden administration is politically understandable.

The photos of immigration officers corralling Haitian migrants should anger anyone with respect for human life, and thankfully, officials on both sides of the aisle are speaking out on the issue.

The conspiracy theories following Friday's episode will continue no matter how ABC or Kamala Harris' staff tries to spin it.

One thing that stood out is the failed messaging and missed opportunities behind all of this.

As noted, all of the hosts of "The View" are fully vaccinated. The Vice President is not only vaccinated but is also the most protected American behind the President himself.

The idea that the Secret Service had to escort the Vice President to another studio to be protected from a virus that — in theory — she should already be protected from through the vaccine is terrible messaging all around.

In theory, if you're vaccinated, you should be able to be around other vaccinated people. After all, it's the whole point of getting vaccinated.

Even though the interview was initially derailed, with only 56% of Americans fully vaccinated, this was the best time for the administration to come out and prove that they believe in the vaccines that they are pushing heavily.

If the Vice President of the United States couldn't sit at a table with the other two co-hosts that are fully vaccinated and tested negative, what does that say about where we are in the pandemic itself?

This interview created more negative buzz than the administration anticipated. However, it’s in large part their fault.

Instead of answering softball questions on everything going on, this could've been the Vice President's chance to get in front of the story, even though it's about a week late.

Instead of going to another studio that looked like a nuclear bunker, the Harris team should've noted the importance of going out to prove that vaccines work.

The mishap would've been an excellent opportunity messaging-wise and could have motivated more Americans to get vaccinated.

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro appeared on Monday's "The View" show to confirm their negative tests and reiterate that all is well.