Last month was Suicide Awareness month, and the Multicultural Services and Programs rented a table by the fountain. Students could come up and learn about the struggle with suicide in America, get a Suicide Awareness ribbon, and learn about the opportunities for counseling help that they can get on campus or nearby.

Breanna Pierce, the Graduate Assistant for the Women's Resource Center at the Office of Multicultural Services and Programs, was at the table ready to start an open conversation with students who walked by, and shed light on the sensitive issue. The organization has been doing this for a couple years now, but every year has had a different theme. This year’s theme was "Self-Care is not Selfish," stating everyone deserves to know that self-care is an important component of life, and no one should feel guilty for taking time for themselves.

College students have some heavy stressors on their lives. From balancing academics and outside clubs and organizations, all the way to managing a new dynamic of independence and being away from family and hometown friends. “A college campus is one of the most important places to educate others about resources because this is a completely new space for so many people,” Pierce explains, “Being able to find some resources such as counseling, community, engagement, etc. is important because you deserve to know you're not alone in this craziness. It is a great outlet to have and to work through lots of stuff going through your mind as well as meet new people around campus.”

Pierce has been a part of this organization since their freshman year of undergraduate school. Displaying this table promotes the values and morals of the Multicultural Services and Programs. “MSP's mission statement is: Office of Multicultural Services and Programs was created to advocate across various vectors to grow Indiana State University into a model of multicultural excellence for all who learn, live, and work on campus.” Pierce explains “MSP strives to build a climate of inclusion and community and aim to enhance intercultural competency through workshops, services, resources, programs, and influencing ISU policies and practices. This helped promote various awareness causes by recognizing how everyone (no matter age, sexuality, gender identity, nationality, etc.) goes through hard times.” Pierce hopes that hosting this every year will help demount the stigma around the suicide epidemic and suicide awareness.

Students can contact Breanna Pierce at their email: or come visit them on the 7th floor of HMSU (The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs).