This past weekend was Family Weekend, in which student’s families are invited to walk through campus and participate in various activities provided by the university. One event was a presentation by Project Success students of videos they made in their University College classes. These videos outlined not only how to be successful, but also what it means. For some the answer was to get rich and have a big house; for others it was simply being able to be happy where you are at in life at any given moment. Each video highlighted the creativity of the students and their personal beliefs in life. From a pizza murder mystery to a skit that was simply what to do and what not to do in order to be the most successful, these presentations were a lot of fun.

At this event, family members were also able to meet with their students' advisors. These advisors help guide students through their first steps of college. Students in the program are likely to see the many benefits, such as enhanced academic opportunities, improved GPA, connection to faculty, and a greater involvement in the classroom as well as many other benefits. Students in the program also are required to participate in peer mentoring, in which an upper-class student helps guide the first-year student in various areas of the college experience. 

Project Success also puts on the Bridge Week program, which allows new students to move in a week early and get settled in while also getting a feel of how to navigate campus. Students who participated in Bridge Week learned about resources around campus and gained access to even more opportunities. There were 302 attendees for the 2022-23 Bridge Week. 

This year's Project Success group is the largest group yet. Project Success strives to give students the tools needed to not only walk across the stage for graduation, but also thrive within the professional environment. Those who participate in the program take classes in leadership, career readiness, and how to be a professional post-graduation. The program comes with a built-in support system that only grows as students go through their four years here. The support the program provides is only a starting point for the system the student will build for themselves beyond the boundaries of the program. Project Success also provides access to scholarship opportunities not provided to other students. This event gave families insight into one of the greatest tools their student has in their tool belt.