As the last warm days of the year come around for their final pass, I’d like to talk about a confection almost everyone can enjoy. Ice Cream is a frozen treat which almost anybody can enjoy.

As with most of my articles I’m going to give you my best subjective/objective best ice cream flavors available to us in this day and age.

As I began my research for my article, I was surprised to learn about ice creams history.

Surprisingly to me, ice cream is debated to have been created as early as 550 BCE.

Whether it was the Persians, Romans or Mongolians all have their proverbial hat in the ring. There are even some Egyptian hieroglyphics which display a frozen container next to some fruit.

These flavors would obviously be a little different from what we have today. Nero’s ice cream was supposedly wine, honey, and ice in the first version of sorbet.

I’ll give him points for simplicity, but I doubt I would find myself in an aisle in Walmart pining for some honey wine sorbet.

Ancient Greece had a rough go with iced drinks. The Greeks would pull snow of the mountains of the Mediterranean, and use it to chill and/or, more accurately, turn their drinks into slushies.

Hippocrates, of medicinal fame, didn’t really approve of the practice, mostly because the snow of the slopes was disgusting. These ancient slushies were liable to give you a disease as much as a chilled dessert.

A Roman cookbook from the first century AD contains a recipe from a Chinese dynasty that called for some of our more modern ingredients with a few bonuses like flour.

For centuries, chilled desserts most similar to our modern were only available to the wealthiest of a given nation.

One legend says an English king offered a lifetime pension to an ice cream maker who would keep the secret of how to create ice cream, making it a royal item.

Thankfully, we, at the societal level, have access to the true equalizer of frozen treats: refrigeration. Mass production has also brought us a long way from wine, honey and ice.

So, to truly begin our comparison we must start with the most basic of flavors. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Now I’m grouping them for simple reason. Their simplicity and originality sets them apart from all other flavors.

Admittedly, vanilla is the most versatile, being able to be paired with just about any other dessert food. That is also its drawback: the weak flavor powerful makes for a poor standalone treat. That is a 100% objective opinion that cannot be debated.

Strawberry, on the other hand, sits on the other side of the spectrum. Its flavor makes it perfect for a cone or a bowl. However, the fruity flavor does not mesh well with most other dessert items.

Chocolate toes the line between the two. Chocolate can stand by itself for the most part, however, chocolate is somewhat the standard of dessert food items, making chocolate ice cream a building block for culinary consumption.

Granted, topping chocolate on top of chocolate sounds like a recipe for a super-rich sugar bomb, but it is an option.

Specialty ice creams such as rocky road, moose tracks, or birthday cake all fit into the strawberry category of standing alone.

All of those are almost entirely dependent on each individual’s taste preference and cannot be measured. Except I am very objective so I’m qualified to make that call.

Any variation of cookies and cream is undoubtable the very top of the pyramid. I cannot possibly see how this statement could be false.

Anyway, as with most things, I can only tell you that whatever you enjoy is definitely the best. You just have to let everyone else know. Besides whatever you choose I can tell you that sharing it with friends is probably the best.