Why attend a NASCAR race?

The world famous Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Nascar, the pinnacle of American bootlegging. The pastime of many of our grandparents and families. When you think Nascar you think of the few names everyone just knows: Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Richard Petty.

Now Nascar is traditionally known as a white redneck sport, so one may think of beer and mullets. Though Nascar isn’t just about the culture of being a diehard fan stuck to the roots of racing. Modern day Nascar is about the love for speed, wrecks and the good ole fashion in your face argument between drivers/teams.

When one asks me if they should go to a Nascar race, I always say yes. You don’t have to love Nascar or racing to enjoy it. Going to the race gives one the feeling of speed and adrenaline unlike any other event. As soon as you enter a track you can feel its warm welcome.

You will feel welcome anywhere you go at a Nascar race. Yeah, you and the person next to you may go back and forth about who’s the best or the worst. Though at the end of the day that’s a friend you will have made because that’s what Nascar fans are like. Nascar fans have this thing where we all give each other a hard time but at the same time they will have your back if someone gives you a hard time.

As a Nascar fan myself you should go and experience a race at least once. This is because this past weekend my fiancé and I went to the inaugural Verizon 200 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). This was her very first Nascar race, going into the race her thoughts were that the race wasn’t going to be action packed and exciting. However, the race turned out to be the opposite of what she anticipated.

If one ever gets to attend a Nascar race, it’s not just sitting in one spot and waiting for the cars to come around. The whole day at the track is an experience like any other. You can meet the drivers, walk the pits (if you purchase a pass), see the teams work on cars, and even buy exclusive merchandise.

You may even get to witness history, since every race is an unpredictable experience. For instance, this past weekend at the IMS fans got too see AJ Allmendinger win his second Nascar Cup series win. That’s major history in Nascar, with AJ being out of the Cup Series as a full time driver after the 2018 season. AJ is also a fan favorite and underdog in the possible return to cup in the next season of 2022.

Once again, if you have a chance to attend a race don’t even contemplate it. Take that chance and run with it! You never know what you may experience and you may discover a new passion.