I know what you are thinking. This story is about the importance of sports for our generation and future generations.

Though I want this to have a different idea. Sports are not just a hobby to some, sports are sometimes the way out from the dark tunnel we hide in. For some sports are a hobby or a lifestyle to enjoy with their friend and loved ones. The way to bond with those friends who take sports super serious when they want to feel included. Though to others sports are the way to let go of the “shadow” we hide in. Sometimes sports are that happy times every Sunday or Saturday, of watching football all day. The day to let their personal issues and sadness subside. To some sports are the time where they no longer have to hide their true selves, as it’s a day they know they won’t be judged for their preference of a team or group. To some it’s the day to relax and not have to worry about coming face to face with their bully. To some it’s a day to cheer and boast about their team’s star player, not because they are scared to say they like that team but because society has judged them for whom they are.

To some sports are that moment where they aren’t afraid to talk on it, they aren’t scared to say they relate to it. To some sports are their holy grail. To those who hold sports to a high standard aren’t addicted or obsessed, but rather feel that is their safe space. To them the people who say “why are you constantly posting/talking about sports” are the ones who make them hide themselves. They feel it’s odd that they enjoy sports or hold it personal.

Sports aren’t just important for physical health or physical well-being, but rather to some sports are the mental healer, the peaceful and tranquil way of dealing with their mental health. To some sports are the way to relax.

Sports aren’t just a hobby, activity, or pastime. To some sports are everything, or per say the only thing that hold them together when times are tough. To some their favorite sport may be what keep that dark time or issue subsided.

The next time you feel a person who talks about sports a lot remember that they may have a personal reason for that, so engage and ask them more. Show the interest in their love for sports instead of asking them why they are obsessed with that sport(s).

If you or someone you know are struggling with depression don’t be afraid to call 800-273-8255 (Suicide Hotline).