It’s that time of year again. Well, more specifically it was that time of year again roughly a month ago. I’m obviously referring to the Christmas season.

If you were to tell me that there are other holidays between now and Christmas, I’d ask you what you are talking about.

In all seriousness, I feel like every year Christmas gets closer and closer to coming out in September. I was walking through Walmart worrying about my Halloween costume when I stopped in front of an overly cheery elf plushie.

Now this by itself was a nightmare before Christmas. Or Christmas Eve before Halloween?

Anyway, I looked around and two whole aisles were dedicated to Christmas. Halloween had about half an aisle and one of those bins that gets dumped on the floor space so people know there’s product. It’s off putting to say the least.

Now I love the Christmas/holiday season don’t get me wrong. There’s just something about when people come together in the darkest time of the year to celebrate that just makes me hopefully.

Gaining ten pounds from various holiday dishes is also a bonus, but I digress.

I just find the push for the holiday season during spooky season to be rather off-putting.

As I talked about last week, Halloween is a time of very fun traditions which should be celebrated just like any other holiday. Nothing can kill the mood for a scare like staring into the eyes of one Santa’s helpers on an October evening.

October is the season of Michael Myers and Jason. I’m not even a big horror fan. I couldn’t stand to watch scary movies as a teenager. It didn’t help I lived in the woods in a house with more outside doors then people living in it, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, October is a time to get a good scare or do some scaring. Walking past an aisle with more color than a crayon factory can really cause some dissonance.

I do enjoy the pieces of media which make a play on this war of the holidays. Like the “Gremlins” movies or “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

I certainly enjoy that these works are appropriate for both Halloween and Christmas. The niche quality of those works is hard to translate into the real world sadly.

This a small gripe and has no real bearing on society, but I feel it’s just one of those things we all have to deal with.

Consider me like the voice inside your head that nitpicks the real tedious stuff. Like, is it really acceptable to wear a shirt three days later if it’s clean? Short answer is yes by the way.

The obvious push for the holiday season is backed by the fact it’s the big money maker.

More spending happens during the holiday season than any other time of the year. It is logical that companies would want to start raking in the cash from that avenue as quickly as possible.

As for me, it just feels like a dead sprint to ruin the holiday spirit. I do, however, like to look at opposing viewpoints. While people like me enjoy each holiday in its own time, I can see the appeal of getting in spirit earlier.

The fall in North America is when the sun disappears sooner and sooner every night. Seasonal depression is a very real thing, and I can’t blame anyone for combating it. Like I said before: Christmas and the holiday season is a very magical time.

I don’t know if any studies cover this, but I believe drinking hot chocolate and eating your weight in ham has to increase your serotonin levels. The cheer and happiness of the season can do a lot to minimize the impact of seasonal depression.

So by and large, I get the appeal. I really do. I love Christmas, and wish we could have more of the Christmas cheer all year round.

We don’t though, and we’ve got other things to worry about. Like whether to go as Ghostface for the third year in a row or spend money on an outfit which will never live up to Ghostface.