Aryn Long, a graduate assistant for the LGBT+ resource center at Multicultural Services and Programs, created and put this event on with the help of Spectrum. They wanted a safe place where people in the LGBT+ community and their allies be able to come together and dance. There are people who never felt comfortable going to their high school prom or even safe. It helped those who could not go to their prom another chance to be themselves and experience dancing with people they care about with their guard down. The dance was to take back what they should have been able to go to but was denied because of their gender identity/sexual orientation in high school.

There was food, decorations and music. It was a great way to go into study week relaxed and have some fun. There was no dress code so there were people in formal attire to streetwear. No matter how they came in looking they received a warm welcome. DJ, Zack Taylor, did an amazing job with the music and transitions.

There was a great turnout and so many uplifting others. So much energy was coming from Dede III that people passing by would do a double-take or walk by again looking at what was going on. There were also attendees from International Global Night that stopped by to have some fun as well before heading back to that event.

This was also a great way to spread awareness that there are still so many people that are not able to go to their high school prom. There is still a need to make a change so more people are able to go no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. We are all people who want to enjoy the same things in life.

This was a great last event for Long to have before graduating this semester with a Master of Arts in Communication specializing in Public Advocacy.