The Cleveland Browns are not even close to what they used to be. This past weekend the Cleveland Browns lost in their week one matchup with the Chiefs. Though it wasn’t a typical Browns game, they were leading for the first three quarters and just weren’t able to keep up with Mahomes and the fierce Chiefs offense.

The Browns were running the table on the Chiefs until a few mishaps that turned the table onto the Browns. For the most part of the game we saw a different Baker Mayfield that we have seen in the NFL so far. We also saw that the added power the Browns got in the offseason truly show to be helpful.

Mayfield threw for 321 yards, 21/28, and 1 int. What a game, this former first round draft pick is finally getting a team built around him. The Browns are finally seeing the success after many years of hurt and pain. Though as Mayfield said yesterday “team game in all phases” (ESPN), being said Nick Chubb ran for 83 yards, where Kareem Hunt and Jarvis Landry had a touchdown a piece for the browns.

The Browns still have a lot to work on, such as proper coverage down field. This is one of the biggest reasons they lost Sunday afternoon. The Browns kept letting both Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce get free and score on big plays. The Browns’ defense though was a great help when they could get behind the line and either pressure Mahomes or Sack him for a loss.

The Browns aren’t the same Browns we have seen, though they are still working to be a top tier team. With more coverage in the deep on the field and stronger confidence we could see a Super Bowl appearance by the Browns in the coming years.