Professor of the Week: Gary Hartsock

Gary Hartsock

Mr. Gary Hartsock is this week’s Professor of the Week. He graduated from Indiana State University with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Criminology. After graduation he went to work for the Indiana Department of Correction. He enjoys telling others that he spent 35 years in prison, but the good thing was that on most nights he got to come home.

Currently, Mr. Hartsock is currently teaching Criminology, Intro to Corrections, Correctional Institutions, and Internship. He has taught full-time at Indiana State University for eight years after retiring from the Indiana Department of Correction. Before being a full-time professor, Mr. Hartsock taught as an adjunct for over 20 years, starting in the late 1980s.

He is also the coordinator of both undergraduate and graduate internship for the School of Criminology & Security Studies. With this position, Mr. Hartsock works closely with local and national criminal justice and related agencies. He has successfully with expanded opportunities for the students with those agencies and has succeeded in finding paid internships for some students.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Hartsock also serves as an academic advisor. He has the difficult position of advising around 100 different Distance Learning students from Indiana State University. Mr. Hartsock also serves on the Recruitment Committee and the Scholarship Committee.

In the little free time that Mr. Hartsock has, he likes to do a lot of gardening and landscaping. He also enjoys finding and visiting unique and out-of-the-way places. While travelling to and from the unique places that he finds, he makes sure to stop and shop at as many antique stores as he can.


Mr. Hartsock says he has had a good life and has done a lot of things. He does not really have a set bucket list to complete, and just tries to make the best of each day. He is always trying to learn something new, make a difference, and just enjoy life.


When asked for his advice for students here at Indiana State University, Mr. Hartsock said, “My advice for students would be: don’t limit yourself, explore options and opportunities. Find a career path you are passionate about and pursue it. Expand your educational and learning opportunities. Talk with professionals in your field. Take the job, even though it is not ultimately what you want to do, it is still an educational and professional experience. Have fun!”