Professor of the Week: David Vogel

David Vogel

This week’s Professor of the Week is assistant professor David Vogel. Mr. Vogel is originally from Minnesota, and he earned his bachelor’s in Theater Arts at the University of Minnesota. He then went to work in theater for three years, before entering grad school at Penn State University. There he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Theater Production.

Mr. Vogel began teaching at Indiana State University in 2018, which happened to be his only full, “normal” year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He currently is teaching the Introduction to Theater course, which is designed to introduce non-theater students to the theatrical arts. He also teaching technical theater courses and scenic practicums. In these classes, theater students are taught scenic stagecraft, computer drafting, materials design, and technical problem-solving skills.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Vogel is one of the theater department’s designers for their productions. With this position, he helps design the scenery and lighting for theater productions during the school year. He also serves as the technical director for all of the productions, in which he solves all of the engineering, technical and budgetary challenges that come with realizing the scenic designs on stage. He notes that he does have help with that position, with up to four student staff members helping to build scenery in the shop that he supervises.

Mr. Vogel also serves as the theater department chair for the curriculum committee, as well as on the Faculty Council for the College of Arts and Sciences. During the summer, Mr. Vogel serves as technical director and occasional designer for Indiana State’s Crossroads Repertory Theatre.

Mr. Vogel has three main answers to “what do you do in your free time?” First, he designs and consults outside of Indiana State University, most recently for Rose Hulman and Wabash College. Second, he serves on the boards for Art Spaces of the Wabash Valley, which is a public non-profit, and the Inter-Faith Council of the Wabash Valley, which is an activist group promoting shared values of peace in the area. He is also a deacon at Central Christian Church of Terre Haute. Finally, Mr. Vogel also enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening, and all-around being close to nature.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Mr. Vogel shares that turkey is his favorite Thanksgiving dish. He says he hears a lot about how bland turkey is, but he likes it! He prefers it stuffed and roasted on the grill, with lemon and garlic. He also notes that doesn’t mind doing the cooking!

Finally, we asked Mr. Vogel what advice he has for students. He said, “Talk to people who have graduated to learn what they valued from their education, their successes, regrets, lessons learned. Sometimes it pays to be reminded why all this effort really is worth it – and it is!”