Last week, we saw some astounding victories for the GOP and a shift in the right direction for America. I think it is a good time to quickly reflect on the conservative triumphs that we’ve just witnessed.

Starting with the main event, for the first time in over a decade, Virginia Republicans won statewide elections. It wasn’t just one. The GOP ended up winning governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and flipping the Virginia House of Delegates.

Additionally, for those who care about identity politics, Republicans elected the first black female to win a statewide election in Virginia as well as the first Latino attorney general.

We got to see a red Virginia, though I doubt this marks a shift in the trend that has been taking over the Old Dominion, and will likely not translate into national elections, but it shows Virginia still has some fight in it.

The people of Virginia chose to stand up to those gun-grabbing Democrats pushing nonsensical critical race theory and creepy sexual education on children, and for that they have earned my respect.

After the insulting way Democrats had been treating Virginia parents by saying parents should have no say in what propaganda teachers show the parents’ kids, it’s no wonder the parents fought back at the ballot box.

In neighboring New Jersey, what was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Democrats turned into a real nail biter of a gubernatorial race, with the Republican nominee coming within spitting distance.

One amusing victory that did come out of the Garden State is the Republican truck driver who beat the Democrat New Jersey state Senate president by spending only $153.

Last in the Northeast, in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, the GOP swept the court elections across the state.

The GOP is making some real progress in the Northeast. If Democrats keep pushing idiotic policies and Republicans start becoming the party of education, there could be some interesting shifts in the long run.

Moving down to Texas, Republicans won a special election for the Texas State House, winning a district that is roughly 75% Hispanic. This is a part of a larger trend of Hispanics breaking away and siding with the GOP.

Staying in the South, Florida, with its substantial Cuban population, managed to have more registered Republicans than Democrats for the first time in the state’s history.

The Republican Party needs to take full advantage of this momentum with the Hispanic population and really integrate them into the party.

Demographic issues have plagued the GOP for decades. The party needs to adapt as Republican states in the Southwest become more Hispanic and more blue.

Hopefully, Hispanics and the GOP can finally embrace each other completely and work towards a majority of Hispanics voting Republican in upcoming statewide and national elections.

A final victory I’d like to bring up is the push for law-and-order we are seeing from notoriously liberal cities.

Minneapolis progressives have long been pursuing the moronic idea of abolishing the police. Thankfully, voters struck down that disastrous ballot initiative, saving the city from complete collapse.

It’s a shame that our country has come to the point where we need to celebrate a city in chaos choosing to keep its law enforcement.

Similarly, Seattle, formerly home to the violent autonomous zone of CHAZ, made the excellent decision of electing a Republican as the city attorney.

Even NYC elected a moderate Democrat police chief to be their next mayor. He’s no conservative, but it’s a clear indicator of what is important to voters at the moment, and much better than the current progressive mayor, de Blasio.

The average American is tired of the lawless displays by liberal protesters — the burning of buildings, trashing of neighborhoods, and harassing of pedestrians. People are finally standing up to their chaotic ways.

This swinging pendulum is typical in American politics in the past decades. The party in power often seems to receive a decent amount of pushback following an electoral victory.

Biden’s tanking popularity is certainly hurting the Democratic Party, with voters upset about Afghanistan, inflation, COVID-19 policies and open borders.

Even with Biden’s unpopularity, I think most people are surprised by just how much of a red wave we are beginning to see with several upsets taking place all across the country.

The tide is already receding for the Democrats, if everything continues its course, I think we’re in for a real red tsunami in 2022.