Economic migrants are modern-day colonists

A "Welcome to Texas" sign greets drivers as they enter the Lone Star State on U.S. 75 near Denison.

The 2020 Census revealed that Americans are leaving major cities in droves.

Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago have all taken major hits to their populations as people pack their bags and leave.

Overwhelmingly, the reason for moving is cost of living. This is the case for popular destinations like Houston, Boise, and Las Vegas. People are fed up with the high housing costs and liberal taxes imposed on them.

They choose to leave despite frequently stating that they love the culture of the place they’re departing even more than the place they’re heading, earning the name “economic migrants.”

That brings us to the problem, economic migrants don’t care about the city or state, they only care about themselves.

When economic migrants look for where to move, they hardly consider a city’s culture if at all. They have tunnel vision, only focused on cost of living and job market.

This devastates cities. Denver is unrecognizable because of the major liberal influx that occurred. The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area sprawled deeper into Virginia, completely transforming the state.

Virginia has had to cancel Civil War reenactments because economic migrants were too sensitive. Mormons in Utah are dealing with the problem of non-Mormons, especially atheists, moving in and not adhering to local values, even being disgusted by their religious lifestyles.

In cities where economic migrants are heading, the people who lived there because they appreciated the local culture find it disappointing to see the cities change.

Reading interviews with life-long residents of Boise or Denver is depressing, as they describe how their cities have lost all character and no longer resemble their former selves.

At times this can cause the natives to leave the city; the very people who built the city to what it was that attracted so many people.

There are some liberals who complain about the U.S. having no culture. They don’t even realize they’re the ones erasing all sources of it.

They move to cities and then actively refuse to naturalize, instead, they nonsensically demand the cities conform to them.

If you love marijuana, why would you move to a state that bans it and demand they legalize it?

If you love low taxes, why would you move to a state with low rates then vote for politicians who want to raise them?

If you think rodeos are cruel to animals and want them stopped, why would you move to a state with a strong cowboy culture?

Economic migrants will escape the disaster they helped to create and then work to transform a prosperous city into the very thing they just left.

They complain about the local lifestyles and beliefs and actively try to change them by escaping to cities in red states and voting for the same policies that ruined their previous home.

Of the top 25 most popular cities to move to in 2020, only five were in blue states. Of the 25 most outbound cities, only two were in red states.

Economic migrants are like locusts, ruining one city and then traveling to the next to repeat the process, yet they remain oblivious to the destruction they create.

This problem has only been worsened with liberal influencers encouraging their followers to move to battleground states.

With complete disregard for local attitudes, economic migrants leaving these destroyed deep-blue states are being guided by other liberals towards battleground states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona in order to control the federal government.

Even less-populated red states are not safe, with Idaho and the Dakotas seeing surges in economic migrants.

I personally know people that have said they want to move to battleground states they don’t like specifically to turn them blue.

The complete lack of cultural sensitivity is deplorable and comparable to the colonization of times past.

These people completely ignore native residents and reap the benefits of the land purely for economic and political gain, extracting the resources and demanding they abandon their beliefs and lifestyles.

This needs to stop for the sake of political stability and cultural preservation. Instead of seeking to transform cities, they should be living in cities that already match their values.

I love the cultural diversity of this country. It’s amazing how cities in the same nation can be so different and have their own character. I want it to stay this way.

Phoenix, Arizona; Huntsville, Alabama; and Louisville, Kentucky are fantastic cities with their own charms. I don’t want them to be forced to lose what makes them unique. Not every city needs to be transformed into a Seattle or Miami.

Find the city that’s right for you and don’t move somewhere and demand the locals adjust to your desires.