The Indianapolis Colts may have just taken the most gut-wrenching loss in recent franchise history.

With so much at stake, as prime time Monday Night Football, returned to the place that the franchise was born in, this was a very emotional game.

I'm not here to hash out a play-by-play of the game because, believe it or not, I'm still heartbroken several hours later.

You have the 1-3 Indianapolis Colts returning to Baltimore after more than 35 seasons taking on the 3-1 Ravens with the one and only Lamar Jackson leading the flock. In prime time, more than 13 million viewers are tuning in to watch the event.

Out the gate, this game looked amazing for the Colts. You had Johnathan Taylor with a 76-yard beauty to get into the endzone first, to shut the crowd up early in the game.

None the less it's Indianapolis sports, and our Indianapolis sports fans know better than any other metro just how hard commentators will try and downplay our stars after making outstanding plays.

Speaking of commentators, how about that Monday Night trio? The utter bias towards the Ravens and Lamar Jackson, Colts fans took to social media to express their disgust.

The Colts looked like everything analysts and those around the league said we couldn't be, up 22-3 at one point in the game, shocking everyone, and even making Stephen A. Smith choke on some of his rants about how he didn't trust this 1-3 Colts team going into the game.

Carson Wentz had his career-high night and deserved to be the conversation of discussion all day Tuesday.

Adam Schefter probably ruined any chance that this game would've been remembered had the Colts won in announcing Jon Gruden out as Raiders head coach, interrupting the game.

Lamar Jackson had a historic night as he led the Ravens to rally from behind and defeat the Colts in overtime, making Indianapolis fall to 1-4 for the season.

This loss was heartbreaking for fans, players, and the entire Colts organization.

Colts star Darius Leonard called Monday's performance the "worst loss of his career," ultimately saying the defense didn't "step up when the game was on the line."

While the offense had a fantastic performance, the complete meltdown came from the defense and special teams as kicker Rodrigo Blankenship missed a total of seven points on Monday night. Any one of those miss kicks would've won the game.

The problem isn't with the players; it starts with the coaching staff.

When you have your practice squad on defense, exhausted, fatigued, and you're calling vanilla plays against Lamar Jackson in full comeback mode? And your kicker is having trouble before the final missed kicked in the last seconds of the game?

The Colts were playing a winless match late in the fourth-quarter.

This type of criticism isn't new for head coach Frank Reich and defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Both are facing criticism for playing too safe against opponents.

Head coach Frank Reich faced criticism for a running call on third and eight with a little over five minutes left.

This call set Indianapolis up for a field goal, which ultimately got blocked, allowing Lamar and company to stretch down the field with a great field position late in the fourth.

With a chance to be 2-3, The Indianapolis Colts now sit at 1-4. The two records are full day and night but shouldn't concern true fans.

The Indianapolis Colts are notorious for late-season comebacks, which head coach Franck Reich knows all too well, as the Colts went 1-5 in the 2018 season, making the playoffs.

The Colts were the third team since the NFL-AFL merger to do so.

Colts fans should be optimistic about where the team is heading.

Again, Carson Wentz and this dynamic offense played a great first half. Speculation and talk about Carson Wentz should die down after this week.

Had Indianapolis won, the conversation Tuesday would've been on Carson Wentz's stellar performance, and that's a reason for us to erase Monday night from our minds.

There are many takeaways both fans and the team should have gotten from this game. Wentz is trending upward, the offensive line that was atrocious weeks prior held up, and Indianapolis marched into Baltimore and was competitive right out the gate.

Remember, any one of those missed kicks could've sealed the deal.

The Colts return to prime time on Sunday Night Football against the 49ers on Oct. 24.