With the NASCAR season nearing its end in only two weeks you begin to wonder if anyone can stop the winning ways of Kyle Larson. Kyle Larson sits with nine wins on the season after his win at Kansas this past weekend. With that win Larson set Nascar history being the second driver to win three times in a row twice in one season, joining the rank of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

The big topic on everyone’s mind around NASCAR is, can anyone stop him? And that simply the toughest question. There are two drivers who stand a chance at beating Larson in the final two races. Those two drivers are Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin. When it comes to Chase Elliott, we know he can run the wall as close as possible and busting out slick moves similiar to ones his father Bill Elliott would pull. With Larson and Elliott being teammates it’s pretty easy to say they will more than likely pull out a 1-2 finish. Though we also know that Elliott is a great driver when it comes to being in a cutoff situation race. If you look back at 2020 you’ll see Elliott won at Bristol, Martinsville, and then Phoenix to take the title. Where will the final two races be? Martinsville and Phoenix.

Denny Hamlin hasn’t had a great year, though he has been right on Larson’s tail all season or they have been switching all season. The only way that Hamlin can win the title over Larson though, is a win in the next at Phoenix. Denny will have to beat Larson at Phoenix no matter if he wins Martinsville this weekend. As it stands now Kyle Larson should receive the poll no matter who wins at Martinsville Sunday. This is due to Larson having two wins in the round of eight. Let’s say though Denny does win at Martinsville and gets the pole, he would still have to worry about Larson since he would start in the second position and right next to him on the line to start. Denny hasn’t been able to match Larson’s speed much this year, the only time he has is because Larson is dinge dup and can’t run properly due to aero issues.

Solely looking at Martinsville, a big name who is in the round of eight pops up. Martin Truex Jr. has won the last 3-4 races at Martinsville and could give Larson a run for his money if he starts in the front of the pact. Though you can look at Truex in the past at Phoenix he has not really been running as well as he needs to win the title. So, you pretty much can assume he won’t be an issue at Phoenix for Laron, Denny or Elliott.

The Martinsville race takes place Sunday October 31st at 2 pm on NBC.