After winning the two Senate seats in Georgia, Democrats had a sigh of relief after taking control of the Senate for the first time since 2014. They could now pass some of Biden’s sweeping plans in his agenda like the American Rescue Plan, which has been a majorly successful stimulus bill to date.

The Senate is in a 50/50 split with Vice-President Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote. We have managed to flip Arizona’s two seats and Georgia is trending positively towards Democrats over the course of four years. So, what is there to worry about?

Historically, the party in power loses seats. This is before considering redistricting efforts happening in the 50 states too. Odds are Democrats will lose the House in 2022. The Senate provides potential pickups in 2022.

Democrats are running great, relatable, and moderate candidates like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania and Tim Ryan in Ohio. They have a former police chief in Val Demings in Florida. Jeff Jackson in North Carolina is a great retail politician, having held 100 town hall meetings in 100 days.

Despite all of that, it still may not be enough, and Democrats could lose the Senate too. President Biden would likely get nothing passed in the last two years of his term heading into the 2024 elections.

In 2024 we have Senate seats in Montana and West Virginia, where it is unlikely — though not impossible — that Democrat Senators Tester and Manchin would emerge victorious. 

Democrats may have gained among educated voters in recent years, but they have lost considerable ground with non-college-educated voters. This spells electoral disaster for the future, and this is completely their fault for not acknowledging this issue earlier.

So, how can Democrats fix this issue? Why is it on them to have to change course after being victorious last election. Aren’t they doing something right?

The truth is that they aren’t making the right choices. Democrats are losing the messaging war on the economic and cultural issues and that has been the case for a little while now.

Orators like Obama and Bill Clinton were able to speak to voters from all backgrounds and make them feel that they had a home with the Democrats. Today’s party does more to push people out than to bring people in.  

Embracing woke and political correctness culture has been a factor in pushing away potential voters from the Democratic party. Useless terms like “Latinx” just creates problems where one does not exist.

Democrats can stop calling Republican voters racist, homophobic, and whatever other phobic happens to pop into the brain. There are Black, Latino, Asian, gay, and transgender voters in the Republican Party that would likely beg to differ on those calls.

The activist wing of the party has no clue what they are doing. They can raise money and protest all they want, but their views do not align with the average voter.

Stop giving them a voice at the table, even if they may throw a fit about it. If you have to give them a seat at the table, stop taking their recommendations in full faith.

They run imbecilic slogans like “defund the police” and threaten to not vote if their every demand is not met. The Democrat Party would gain more by moving closer to center and bringing in more moderate and independent voters.

Democrats must start running candidates who are to the right of the national party. The party has no choice to but to do this because we need to win in places we simply cannot with the current platform.

A return to kitchen table issues and making them the focal point is the key. When Democrats home in on their messaging on those, they win.

They must start going to every corner of every state and building up the local party infrastructures. One thing that has not changed is that politics starts locally.

Whip the Congressional Progressive Caucus into shape and stop letting them control the messaging. They are the most effective fundraisers for the Republican party.

At this point, it is either move to the right and change the way we speak to voters or lose across the country. Until the upper-staff and the strategists at the DNC see this as reality, it seems that the next decade could be tough for Democrats.