In 1997, “Final Fantasy VII” released on the PlayStation. It’s regarded as one of the best games of its generation and easily the most well-known entry in the “Final Fantasy” franchise aside from the Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game “Final Fantasy XIV.”

It has become popular among many Democrats to take jabs at Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. From, “He is not a real Democrat” to “He sells out to corporate interests and does not care about his state” we have heard it all.

A global pandemic has accelerated the challenges Indiana citizens face when competing for great paying jobs that lead to a better quality of life. Work is changing in Indiana and throughout the United States.

With a recent surge of COVID-19 cases, I wanted to talk about where we are at. COVID has become a political and societal issue influencing well into 2021 and most likely into 2022.

Dogs are arguably one of my favorite things on the face of the Earth, competing with IKEA and waffles from Waffle House. Even though I’ve talked about dogs before, that was in the context of whether dogs or cats were better.

In recent days, a study has just been released determining the worst food to eat: hot dogs. Supposedly, for every hot dog that you eat, 36 minutes are taken off of your life expectancy.

Back in 2009, I played “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” for the first time. Not only was it my first time playing a “Call of Duty” game, but it was also my first time getting a conscious feel for online multiplayer.

It’s not news to anybody that plastic bags are bad for the environment. Single-use plastics are wasteful, they take forever to decompose, and they are directly harmful to wildlife when improperly disposed.

In 2001, “Devil May Cry” rocked the video game industry with its immersive combat, moody setting, and arrogant-yet-valiant protagonist Dante. The game radiated attitude in every possible criterion, especially in terms of gameplay.

I’m going to start off by saying that college is very important in this day and age. However, I want to talk about college as it is, and raise some issues I think have come about because of how we as a society view college now.

For the first time in my life that I can remember, there are no American troops in Afghanistan. Well, besides the five thousand that were immediately put back to evacuate the people left behind, but that just highlights how Afghanistan was handled over the last two decades.

The progressives of America flaunt themselves as the forward-thinking faction, as intellectuals who understand society better than anyone else. In reality, they are leading society into decline and potential collapse.

If there is one problem with ISU, it is the parking. Every single night, day, morning, whatever time, you will find at least three people driving around to find a spot with the pass they purchased.

In America, if you have any type of disease or illness that requires you to have certain medicines or treatment, you are paying to live. If you don’t or can’t buy what you need, you will die. I think it is interesting that in America, we do not provide for the sick.