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ISU 101

Making your residence hall room your own.

Cunningham Memorial Library is arguably the most important building on campus. It is a hub of information, resources, and everything having to do with academics. There are five floors full of materials that students, faculty, staff, and community members are able to check out. The top two fl…

Welcome to the start of a new academic year!  Welcome back to all those students, staff, and faculty who are returning to campus.  To those who are new to campus, welcome to Indiana State University!  I hope you quickly realize what I like best about ISU: the people. 

The Public Safety Department at Indiana State University welcomes new and returning students, staff and faculty.  We would like to share suggestions from our police department and from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to help ensure your wellbeing.

Not many people know this, but the items you recycle are not actually recycled in America, or anywhere anymore. Our recycling used to go to China, but as of two years ago, China implemented a ban on imported plastics.

Living in a small space and sharing it with someone else can be a new experience for many students when they arrive at university. This experience is different for everyone and it is important for students to be ready for new challenges.

Coming back to school, especially while we are living under strict COVID-10 procedures, may end up being slightly boring. Even while many things to do in Terre Haute are not available due to COVID restrictions, there are still some ways to make the most out of this very different academic year.