College means different things to different people. Some of you might see it as just a place of higher learning, a stepping stone on the path to your destined career. Others might see this as a place to grow as an individual and explore who they are. College can be both and then some.

Program helps first-year students transition to life at ISU.

A starter guide to understanding the vocabulary used to navigate ISU.

Get to know more about how Indiana State University began.

From marching through the arch to walking from bar to bar having drinks before a homecoming game – all of these traditions, formulated throughout ISU’s history, define the true ISU experience.

Starting a new school and all that comes with it can seem intimidating, especially when that means leaving the familiarity of your friends and family. Not to worry though, because Indiana State University has plenty of resources and ways to make friends and get involved with your community.

As a first-year students, you will get to know your fellow students, your faculty members and your academic adviser soon after you arrive on campus. But there are a few other folks on campus who you might need to know as you continue your college career.

Whether you are an incoming freshman trying to find your way around Terre Haute or just trying to find new things to do, here are some ideas about what is available in the city.

As a first-year student at Indiana State, you will be spending much of your time learning to navigate campus, figuring out your schedule so you have to time to not only attend class, but study and work on papers and projects.