Community Service

Volunteering is a great way to get involved on campus and give back to the broader Terre Haute community. 

Donaghy Day is part of Welcome Week and takes place Monday, August 19. It is the first and largest group volunteer opportunity for new ISU students, but certainly not the only one.

Indiana State is known for its student volunteerism and has even won national awards for it. ISU requires freshmen to participate in Donaghy Day, which begins at 8 a.m. Students are divided into small groups and bused to locations in the Terre Haute community to provide service to those in need. 

Committing volunteer time to engage in the community is not only fun but also offers ISU students the chance to become effective members of the community and can permanently benefit the on-campus culture. 

It also allows students to obtain valuable life skills and expertise, while  providing service to those most in need. 

Why should you volunteer? First, there are psychological advantages to volunteer work, which improves the general enjoyment of our lives and enables us to feel good about ourselves as we help others. 

It can also assist to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. 

Second there are social advantages. Volunteering involves you in society and your community. It generates unique ties with the service population and improves social consciousness and accountability. 

And third are the skill-building  advantages to volunteering. Community service enables people  to improve their private understanding of one another, build fresh experiences, and create stronger interpersonal communication abilities. 

Also there are many practical abilities learned through community service, such as team work, knowledge of organizational frameworks, time and crisis management, problem-solving, fundraising and management, and most importantly, the manifestation of leadership qualities. All of these are soft-skills employers desire in any employee. 

Participating in community service not only distinguishes organizations who offer volunteer projects and the individuals being served, but it also expands the professional opportunities for each student here at ISU. 

Participation in community service activities can help improve students’ abilities in their chosen field of study prior to graduation, builds excellent employer references and provides a networking platform with prospective future employers. 

It also enables students to build our abilities in civic and personal accountability and to become conscious of the requirements of our society.

The Center for Community Engagement is the first stop for Terre Haute community partners that are looking for volunteers or other support from the University and its student volunteers. 

CCE coordinates and supports ISU’s nationally-recognized volunteer and service-learning activities, including intensive local and travel-based service programs, drop-in service programs, one-day events, and referrals for individuals who are interested in community service. 

They also offer a mini-grant program to support course-based service-learning and student organization community service activities. 

CCE launched a new program called Sycamore Community Work in the fall of 2017. This program continues the relationship with Terre Haute community partners by placing students in the community for employment opportunities with the local non-profit agencies. 

If you would like to apply for a position with CCE, go to the Student Employment website and search under the Community Works tab.

The Office of Campus Life also has a Community Service Committee. This committee plans activities to engage students on campus in community service opportunities. 

The committee works with other campus student organizations and departments to plan events involving the entire campus community. Some events include; Sycamore Canned Food Drive, Pack the Pantry, and more. 

The Center for Community Engagement and the Office of Campus Life partner to host the Student Involvement Fair during Welcome Week, Monday, August 19, 2-4 p.m. on the Quad. ISU student organizations and community non-profit partners participate. 

This resource-style fair event is a convenient way for nonprofit organizations to recruit ISU student volunteers, share volunteer experiences, network with other agencies, and promote their agencies and the services they provide to our community. 

There are also different ISU departments that encourage students to get involved and volunteer at events and programs. 

Some include Multicultural Services and Programs, Center for Global Engagement, Women’s Resource Center, African American Cultural Center, Campus Life, Student Health Promotions, and many more. 

There are also many student-led organizations you can get involved in which promote and host programs that build community engagement and volunteerism in the community. 

One of the  most well-known is ISU chapter of Circle K International, the collegiate version of the larger Kiwanis Intermational service organization. 

There are  service-focused fraternities at ISU and most Greek social fraternities and sororities have a designated charitable cause as well.

You can always go to the ISU website or the Treehouse to see a complete list of organizations and  get updates and information on community service opportunities at and around Indiana State.