There is one inevitable truth in our world, everything must eventually end.; the world we live in included. However, the world will end, whether in a ball of fire or a meteor storm, the one thing we know about it is that it has already happened. 

While this seems impossible, it is unavoidably true, and to make the concept easier to understand I will use a more simplified timeline. Yours. Please don’t take any offense by what I am about to say, as it is true of everyone, myself included. 

It is almost impossibly difficult to go back to your beginning because you are part of a continuous stream of existence that goes back so far past your conception and the coincidences that led to your birth that it inevitably involves theological dilemmas, pesky things that I try to avoid. 

Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, I will say that you begin when you were born. You were born into the world at the very tip of a cone of possibilities. Your life will stay within this cone, it will not deviate from it. This is because the vast majority of your possible decisions were made for you before your birth. 

Your choices made at every second are miniscule in comparison to all of the possible choices you could have. 

But because you never get to see these alternative choices, you do not think about them. They never enter into your mind as possibilities because they are never offered to you. 

Why am I writing this piece? Because my father instilled in me his beliefs about completing a task and following through with your promises. My father taught me these things because of the lessons he learned in his life, largely because of what he learned from his father’s actions. Not writing this article was not within the cone of possibilities for my life, not because it was my choice but rather because it was decided by the actions of my ancestors and many other people which will never meet. 

The truly disturbing thing about this is that even being rebellious against your parents and what you consider to be a “normal” life is an action that does not come from outside your cone of possibilities. Early on in your life, there are very few possible actions offered to you, you were still at the tip of the cone. As you became increasingly self-aware and capable you had slightly more options, but you were still controlled by your parents or guardians. 

Eventually, you gained more and more options and your cone of possibilities began to near its widest berth and at this point you have more options than ever before and possibly the most options you will ever have. 

Once you decide on a major and begin a career your cone of possibility begins to rapidly narrow. But again, don’t think that by being a rebel you will manage to escape your cone. Your rebelliousness was still predetermined by the actions of others and your own previous actions. 

Eventually, as you get older and retire, your cone once again nears a point that will eventually terminate with your death. 

The point of this is not that you should take no action in your life because the future has essentially already happened, but rather that you will never have more choices than you do right now. Do what you want to do and not what others want you to. 

I believe in balancing free will with determinism, everyone has the free will to choose from the options determined by actions in the past. 

So how does this relate to how the world has already ended? It shows us that now is the only time that we have to change the future, and change our own lives for the better. But honestly, I care more about everyone else understanding that they need to take control of their own lives and make it their best life, rather than relying on other people who care more about personal problems than trying to solve yours. 

So, the world has already ended, and your future has already happened. Don’t worry! Everything will be fine, make your life how you want it, and find joy in every moment. Don’t let pain destroy you, rather allow it to temper you into an increasingly better person.