ID copy

One little card carries so much power. From getting into one’s residence hall to accessing their meal plan, there are many uses for the university ID.

The Sycamore ID card provides access to many of the University’s special services including:

  • Library services
  • Food services
  • Recreational facilities/equipment
  • Athletic and theater events
  • Student Computer services

Many stores and services give student discounts “with a valid ID.” 

Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime have student rates, restaurants such as Grand Traverse Pie Co., Chava’s Mexican Grill, and J Gumbo’s.

According to bestcollegesonline, Sam’s Club offers a collegiate membership, Apple offers “education pricing for students,” and participating Subway locations give a 10% off discount.

Your first card is complimentary. To get a replacement card it costs $15. 

If a problem occurs with your Sycamore ID Card, please contact the Parking Services office at (812) 237-8888 during regular business hours.

If your card is lost or stolen and you have a meal plan, please contact Dining Services at 812-237-4138 immediately so a hold can be put on your account. 

After business hours, contact the Campus Cupboard at 812-237-3869 to place a hold on your account and get a temporary meal pass.

Students may also visit the Student Recreation Center to have a replacement ID card printed. ID cards can be obtained Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Membership Desk.