Buildings art

Getting to know the location of buildings and the purpose of them can be a lot to handle when arriving to any college campus.

Indiana State has many different buildings around campus that contain offices that can offer a variety of resources to students.

Stalker Hall can be a very important building to students when coming or returning to Indiana State.

The basement of Stalker hall has The Office of Technology, they can help with any problems you are having with your technology, ISU Portal, plus assist you in downloading Microsoft office and more.

Stalker Hall is located in the center of campus, just North of the Fountain. Stalker also holds many history classes and some history professor’s offices. There is a los a café on the first floor of the building.

Hulman Memorial Student Union is a building that has many purposes at ISU.

 The first floor of HMSU has the Commons where you can eat and shop for snacks with Commons Cash in the Campus Cupboard.

The Commons offers a variety of fast food restaurants, like Taco Bell and Burger King, and also has the Cupboard, which is a convivence store where students can buy things they may need like laundry detergent or a gallon of milk. 

The first floor also has a game room where students can hang out, play video games or do homework, called the Hub which is located down the main hallway past the information desk.

HMSU also has a Starbucks which takes Commons Cash and Starbucks gift cards, along with regular payment.

HMSU holds 8 floors of offices such as Student Government, Greek Life, Student Conduct and Integrity and many more offices that can help students. While the top floor of the building is a banquet hall.

HMSU is a commonly known place for student activities in the Dede’s such as bingo, craft nights and student organization events.

Cunningham Library is designed for student success and has numerous resources available to students.

When you first walk into the library they have a Cup and Chaucer café to the right where students can grab a snack in between classes, meet for group projects or just a place to sit down and study. 

The café accepts commons cash and is another alternative for a place to eat or grab a coffee, they have a limited food menu of quesadillas, paninis and soup. They also sell boxed salads and sandwiches, along with snack food and some food from Krispy Krunchy Chicken in the Commons.

Cunningham Library also holds the Math and Writing Center on the second floor, where students can go for assistance on class papers or help on math homework, free of charge. Appointments must be made in advance.

If you are in need of a quiet place to study but don’t want to get distracted at the tables out in the open, the library allows students to check out individual and group study rooms. 

Those can be checked out at the front desk. Certain floors are also designated quiet floors, offering another quiet form of studying space. Quiet floors are the 3rd floor and the basement.

Student health center, which is where the UAP Clinic is located, is near HMSU and Reeve Hall. The clinic is a student’s best option if they are feeling sick and need to go to the doctor. 

The clinic accepts most insurance and is only a short walk from all campus residence halls. UAP on campus also offers flu shots, and sports physicals.

One of the things ISU is most known for is the fountain. The fountain is a hangout place for students to study, hammock or just socialize.

The fountain is located right outside HMSU and is a great place to eat outside after getting food from the Commons.

Indiana State has so many resources offered throughout all of the buildings; it can be hard to figure out where everything is and how to get there. A great way to find where a building is located is to use the Blue Mobile App, a map of ISU is available in that app.