The Public Safety Department at Indiana State University welcomes new and returning students, staff and faculty.  We would like to share suggestions from our police department and from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to help ensure your well-being.

From the Indiana State University Police Department:

•   Be aware of your surroundings and develop trusted and responsible friendships.

•   After dark, walk in groups if possible.

•   Bad things happen all the time, but after midnight is when they occur most frequently. Know this and use your common sense about your safety.

•   Party responsibly; don’t become someone else’s victim.

•   LOCK the doors to your residence hall rooms and your cars.

•   Secure your valuables.

•   With so many people parking west of 3rd Street, please be aware of the heavy traffic patterns on this busy roadway. Obey the traffic signals, and BE CAREFUL.

•   Know what’s going on: Sign up for RAVE text messaging at

Campus Safety Tips from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security:


In the residence halls:

•   Talk to the resident assistant or building manager/landlord to gather any important emergency information.

•   Know the rules. Don’t bring prohibited items into the building.

•   Don’t prop open doors that are supposed to remain locked.

•   Consider investing in a safe to protect valuable items and information, such as passports, social security cards and serial numbers and pictures of valuable items.

•   Know a way out in case of an emergency. Have multiple escape routes in order to be prepared.


On campus:

•   When entering a classroom or any other building, take note of all potential exits.

•   Don’t walk alone at night. Call the campus police, campus escort or a friend for an escort.

•   Stay on top of emergency alerts by signing up for mobile campus alerts.

•   Memorize the campus emergency number or have it on speed dial.

•   Leave a copy of class and work schedules with a roommate or close friend.


Fire prevention:

•   Make sure all items such as irons, ovens and electric hair tools are powered off and cool before leaving.

•   If candles are allowed in the building, be aware of them at all times and extinguish them when leaving the room.

•   Make sure there are smoke alarms outside of each sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms and on each floor of the dwelling, in accordance with Indiana state law. For more information on placement, go to

•   If smoke alarms go off while cooking, do not remove the batteries. Instead, fan out the area and open a window to remove smoke.

•   Use a surge protector for electronics.


General tips:

•   Always lock car doors and remove all valuable items.

•   If someone calls saying he or she is an employee of Indiana State University and you didn’t initiate the contact, be sure to verify the authenticity of the caller’s identity. Do not give out personal information, such as a social security number or your university ID.

•   No matter where you are, know where the nearest fire extinguisher and fire alarm pull box are at all times.

•   When noticing suspicious activity, contact authorities immediately.

•   Privacy is important, even on social media. Don’t post private information that may put one at risk for predators or robbers.

•   Consider taking a self-defense class. No matter how physically fit someone is, it is important to know defensive fighting.


For more information on preparedness and tips on how to stay aware, contact Indiana State University Police Department at or go to

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for 2018 is available at  The 2019 Report will be available in early October.