About ISU Student Media 2014-15

Eva Kor on NPR

Eva Kor’s recording was done in WISU studios, with Kati Gaston and Cecil Archer as audio engineers, and the host on the phone from California.  

Click here to see the Eva Kor piece the weekend edition of All Things Considered.

 Syc Creations envisioned by Alicia Thayer

Photo by: Alicia Thayer

 1. Chad Clark 2. Holden Theriault 3. Seth Payne 4. Tyler Angle 5. Alicia Thayer 6. Xavier Saunders 7. Sydney Bruner 8. Jalen Foster 9. LeVon Whittaker 10. Nigel Quick 11. Jon Garci

Student Media Students and Staff win Awards

Photo by: Rachel Keyes

Indiana State University Student Media staff and students were recognized recently at the ISU Career Center.

The digital media team, Alicia Thayer, Sydney Bruner, Tyler Angle, Holden Theriault and Seth Payne, directed by Chad Clark, won the student employee team award for the career center.

“Winning this award is an honor. It is nice to see that our work isn't going unnoticed,” said Payne. “We've worked hard to be one of the best teams on campus, and our hard work is paying off.”

Richard Green, 89.7FM and 90.7 FM station manager, received the award for student employee supervisor of the year. “Winning this award is great,” said Green. “It shows all the hard work that the students have put in and it feels good to be recognized for all of the different things we produce.”

Students at Indiana State University engage in wide range of media-production activities. From their first days on campus until their last, students are involved in creating works for the student body, the campus and the community. Along the way, students get hands-on experience producing materials for a variety of media outlets, including a newspaper, yearbook, cable television channel, radio station, websites and a commercial video production unit. Students can participate in any of the programs without regard to their major or class rank. Students who are interested in any Student Media program can contact the individual manager or director, the executive director, or any of the student officers listed on our web pages.

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ISU Students win 17 awards from Indiana Collegiate Press Association

Indiana State University students from the Indiana Statesman and The Sycamore yearbook won 17 awards in the annual Indiana Collegiate Press Association competition.

“I’m thrilled with the Indiana Statesman’s showing in this year’s ICPA competition,” said Martha Milner, director of student publications. “The Statesman is in the Newspaper 1 category for newspapers that print three or more times each week. This category includes some of the best student newspapers in not only the state, but in the nation.”

Seven winners were chosen from the Statesman including two first-place winners, three second-place winners and two third-place winners.

Alex Modesitt received a first-place award in Best Opinion Column and also a third-place award in Best Sports Column. Rob Lafary also won a first-place award in Best Sports. Kylie Adkins won a second-place award in Best Opinion Column. Carey Ford won a second-place award for Best Entertainment Story. A staff member won a second-place award in Best Staff Editorial. Kristi Sanders won a third-place award in Best Continuous Coverage.

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Student Media Launches Syc Creations

In response to high demand for video-based products and for real-life experience for students in video, graphic, and web design, Student Media created Syc Creations. The new, fee-based service is open to customers on- and off-campus who wish to promote their business.

Students taking the Gender Studies 450 class held their annual Take Back the Night March Wednesday evening. It’s an event that supports victims of sexual assault, gender violence, relationship violence, and stalking.