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Caleb Hess - ISU Student Media

Being busy has never slowed Caleb Hess down. With Student Media, Student Government Association, his own business and classes, Hess puts his passion into action.

Hess, a junior information technology student, grew up in Chrisman, Ill. While attending Chrisman High School, he worked closely with his technology teacher.

"I had a good teacher in high school technology," Hess said. "I became his assistant. I would go around and help fix teachers' computers. I also learned programming and a lot of web design stuff."

Hess joined Student Media as a freshman after attending the campus organization fair. He is now the student lead at Syc Creations and also has worked with the Indiana State Sports Network.

"I showed Syc Creations my programming experiences," Hess said. "I was looking for a campus job and Chad (Clark), the director of Syc Creations, seemed impressed with what I had done in the past."

Clark, student digital media manager, has been working with Hess since his first semester of college.

"Caleb was a rare find," Clark said. "The thing about Caleb is that he could go anywhere and do anything on campus. Had I not gotten him in Student Media early, someone would have snatched him up."

As the student lead of Syc Creations, Hess works under Clark to manage projects, students and handle technical issues with electronic media.

"(Caleb) is really good at troubleshooting," Clark said. "It's hard to teach troubleshooting as it is one of those things you have to experience."

Being a part of Student Media has given Hess an advantage in his information technology classes.

"In the past, my classes and Syc Creations never really overlapped," Hess said. "This semester, I'm taking a management information systems class that's all about project management. Project management is 80 percent of what I do at Syc Creations."

Outside of his work in Student Media, Hess is a Student Government Association senator and has served as the Senate Finance Committee chair. He is a three-time member of the Student Organization Resource Funding Board. Hess and his friend started BluHouse, a business that offers web development, online marketing, video production and photography services to local businesses.

Hess came to college with little management experience but has developed the skills necessary to be the student lead, chair of the Finance Committee and co-start a business.

"Being a part of Syc Creations has given me the ability to learn management skills and I couldn't really learn that in a classroom," Hess said. "It's always a challenge from my perspective to manage around 20 people effectively, but we've got a great group of students at Syc Creations who want to make quality work."

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