Mustafa is a Marketing Specialist who enjoys having an outlet that combines both his marketing and creative writing passions. He is thrilled to dabble in the world of digital marketing and design.

Sophie is a Multimedia Assistant Director. She is excited to improve her editing turnaround time and looks forward to working with new software.

Craig is a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and a Video Editor. He cannot wait to work on exciting projects and improve his Photoshop and editing skills.

Jennifer is a Graphic Designer and aspiring Video Editor who enjoys getting paid to create art and is excited to improve video editing skills with Syc Creations.

David is a Graphic Designer his favorite part of Syc Creations is being able to get real world design experience. He is excited to improve his time management skills through his work with Syc Creations.

Sydney is the Graphics Lead at Syc Creations. She enjoys working with great people, furthering her design skills as well as gaining real-world experience. She is excited to improve her management skills.

Sarah is a Graphics Designers and Web Editor. Her favorite part of Syc Creations is expanding her skills and learning more about her field. Sarah also enjoys coming to work every day and collaborating with her peers. The skills she has improved the most are working with and editing websites as well as html.

Loryn is a Manager at Syc Creations, but also helps with video projects, graphics and web when needed. She enjoys being able to learn new things everyday as she works on polishing her communication skills.

Alex is a Multimedia Assistant Director. She works her magic on the Syc Creations social media outlets and website article posting. Her favorite part about Syc Creations is that she is always learning. Since she just transferred to ISU from RHIT, she did not know many people on campus yet. In joining, Alex has been able to make more connections during her time with Syc Creations.

David works on Web development at Syc Creations. He enjoys learning new skills every day. In his time with the organization he has improved his digital communication skills the most.

Dalton works on VR programming and web development at Syc Creations. He enjoys the environment of the work space and how well the team works together. He has developed his team working and web development skills the most.

Caleb is the Student Lead at Syc Creations. His favorite part of Syc Creations is the broad range of experiences that he has had while working here. Caleb's professionalism and skills have improved immensely since joining Syc Creations.

Jess is involved with video editing and filming at Syc Creations. She loves the staff, as they are so welcoming while still giving clients their best. She looks forward to expanding her video editing skills as she is starting to build them.

Carol is part of the Social Media team at Syc Creations. She enjoys the people who work at Syc Creations, and looks to improve her overall computer skills.

Gabby works with video and postings. She hopes to gain video and posting experience and to be proficient in editing.