Almost Live

Almost Live - 09.27.2018 - Alyya Malibari

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This week on Almost Live, Katie Higginbotham talks to Alyya Malibari: Graduate Assistant of International Student Resource Center

Host: Katie Higginbotham
Guest: Alyya Malibari
Producer: Marvin Bills Director: Justice Yard
Technical Director: Sara Mundorf
Assistant Director: Hailey Turner
Audio: A'via Owensby
Teleprompter: Marvin Bills
Character Generator: David Cruz
Floor Manager:Virgil Price III

Video Operator: Emani Clark
Camera 1: Nayeli Castro
Camera 2: Yolanda Kempf
Camera 3&4: Emily Mundorf
PA: Elora Thomas
PA: Yolanda Kempf
PA: Samantha Coffing
PA: Isaaiel Collins-Jones
PA: Karen Torres
PA: Ra'Leshia Davis
PA: Matthew Lester

This Week At ISU

This Week at ISU - 09.27.2018

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This Week at ISU was hosted by Marvin Bills.

Host: Marvin Bills
Sports: David Cruz
Director: Matthew Lester
Technical Director: Justice Yard
Assistant Director: A'via Owensby
Audio: Emani Clark
Telepromter: Elora Thomas
Character Generator: Ra'Leshia Davis
Floor Manager: Hailey Turner
Video Operator: Jayvon Fleming
Camera 1: Emily Mundorf

Camera 2: Yolanda Kempf
Camera 3 & 4: Isabel Collins-Jones
PA: Emily Mundorf
PA: Katie Higginbotham
PA: Matthew Lester
PA: Yolanda Kempf
PA: Kayla Rogan
PA: Sara Mundorf
PA: Virgil Price III
PA: Amanda Samick
PA: Emani Clark
PA: Nayeli Castro

This Week at ISU was hosted by Sara Mundorf. This week, we discuss State DM 2018, Keep It Real the board game, Spring Sing and more. Enjoy!


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