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Almost Live

Almost Live 2.2.2023

Piper Watkins speaks with Drew Taylor and Michael Mokrzycki about New Student Orientation.


Guest: Drew Taylor & Michael Mokrzycki
Host: Gabe Brown
Producer: Leslie Ramos & Michelle Hall
Director: Leslie Ramos
Assistant Director: Samuel Owens
Character Generator: Jabrea Jones
Audio: Gabe Brown
Teleprompter: Michelle Hall
Video Operator: Kasey Bates
Technical Director: Kaylee Sparks
Floor Manager: Grace Krawiec

Camera 1: Sarah Smith
Camera 2: Justin Holland

This Week At ISU

This Week at ISU 2.2.2023

Gabe Brown hosts, covering the Black History Month Kickoff, the Starting a Business Panel, and more!


Host: Gabe Brown
Producer: Leslie Ramos
Director: Jabrea Jones
Assistant Director: Michelle Hall
Character Generator: Leslie Ramos
Audio: Sarah Smith
Teleprompter: Piper Watkins
Video Operator: Samuel Owens
Technical Director: Kasey Bates
Floor Manager: Grace Krawiec

Camera 1: Grace Krawiec
Production Assistant: Jared Kistler



    Samuel Owens hosts, covering the Winter Involvement Fair, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. week celebrations, and more.

    Other Stuff

    Halloween Special 10.20.2022

    Gabe Brown speaks with Michael Winstead, Residential Ghost Hunter.

    Guest: Michael Winstead
    Host: Gabe Brown
    Producer: Leslie Ramos & Michelle Hall
    Director: Jalen Day
    Assistant Director: Michelle Hall
    Character Generator: Kaylee Sparks
    Audio: Jonathan Thompson
    Teleprompter: Haley Getts
    Video Operator: Leslie Ramos
    Technical Director: Jabrea Jones
    Floor Manager: Piper Watkins

    Camera 1: Braden Taylor

    Camera 2: Kenzie West

    Production Assistants: Grace Krawiec, Kasey Bates, Sarah Smith, Gwen Schmiedel, Justin Holland, Deanna Hampton



    Indiana State Spirit Squad

    Get to know the members of the Indiana State Spirit Squad!

    Neal Greene talks to the ISU Women's Basketball team, who has an entire team of new faces this year.

    Neal Greene talks to the ISU Football team about their homecoming win!

    Sycamore Video in the News

    The Sycamore Leadership Awards took place last Sunday, April 3rd in Tirey Hall.  This ceremony recognizes Indiana State student leaders and organizations and their impact on the campus community.  Sycamore Video’s General Manager, Jabrea Jones, won multiple awards.  She not only won the Rich…

    Sycamore Video Promotion Manager Karen Torres, a senior Communication major with dual concentrations in public relations and media studies from Columbus, IN, was selected as the spring commencement undergraduate student speaker.

    Indiana State Sports Network

    October 27th marked the annual Tip-Off in the Forest for the Indiana State Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. This event is summed up best as a way to get the players' recognition before the season begins, have a great time, and get the fans involved.

    Friday, October 21st, Indiana State University hosted the 59th annual Sycamore Tricycle Derby. This tradition started in 1963, and it has become one of ISU’s most cherished events every fall. It consists of two races: sorority and fraternity. Although the race started with 10 laps around a p…

    Indiana Statesman

    New York Times #1 bestselling author, Colleen Hoover is getting her work on the big screen. The 2016 book It Ends with Us is being made into a movie that is to be released around fall of 2024. This is going to be her first movie, and with how popular her books are, it is sure that there will…

    Many people, especially college-aged students, know about the craze that popped up with the announcement with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. This has naturally sparked in interest in many people about Swift’s music and why she named her latest tour “Eras.” This is crucial for her since she is rer…

    The Sycamore

    ISU ends season with 26-22-1 record

    Men win MVC Indoor, Outdoor Championships