Notable Alumni

Annie Johnston is currently interning at Channel 2, NBC WTWO/ABC WAWV in Farmersburg, Indiana. She found an interest in producing during her time at Sycamore Video and was given the chance to complete her internship specifically in producing. As a producer intern, she gets the opportunity to work directly with the news producers. She spends most of the day between the newsroom and the studio. She helps chose and refine generated stories from news databases to use in daily newscasts. Over the course of the summer, Annie will get to watch the production of, and help produce all of the newscasts throughout the day. She will also be a part of the control room crew during some productions. On some occasions, she will go out with a crew on assignment to get experience in the different parts of the field. Annie will continue to serve as one of two summer interns at the station through August, 2014, when she will officially graduate from Indiana State University.

Joslyn Edwards has taken a position with Inspired Promotions as an Account Manager, which she will be handling and marketing new products for companies such as Sam’s Club and Costco. The objective of this position is to train her to be an executive account holder within her first year with the company. Joslyn graduated with a BS in Communication (Electronic Media) and a minor in Marketing.

Production Assistant for Sycamore Video from 2011-2013

I graduated from ISU with a degree in communication and minor in marketing. This upcoming fall I plan to pursue my master’s degree in public relations. My intention is then to move to California, in hopes of pursuing a career with an entertainment pr firm. I owe a great amount of gratitude to both Sycamore Video and Mr. Perkins for providing support and helping to develop and foster my interest in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Perkins and serving on Sycamore Video, during my time at ISU I was able to gain and fulfill an out of state internship with fortune 500 company Live Nation. Also, I’m confident Sycamore Video will continue to help open doors for me now that I have graduated from college.

I’m currently working as a video journalist at ABC News Channel 20/ FOX Illinois in Springfield, Illinois. I run a daily live shot for the morning show “Good Day Illinois” as well as gathering VO/SOTS and NAT packs for the 5 and 6 o’clock broadcasts on ABC. I spent a year and a half working at WTWO before making the move over to the “Land of Lincoln”. I also edit a weekly soccer podcast called “The Anfield Index Podcast” that covers everything related to Liverpool Football Club.

Sycamore Video meant a lot to me during my time at Indiana State. Whether it was directing or running a switcher for our live broadcast of “Sports Extra!”, or covering events on campus for “This Week At ISU”, it was the first taste of what working in the broadcast industry would be like. Sycamore Video also gave me the opportunity to work with a team, which has helped me in my professional life. Mr. Perkins was constantly pushing me to improve as a photographer and as a reporter because he wanted to see me succeed. Sycamore Video is an excellent organization for anyone who is serious about working in the broadcast industry. 

Executive Producer

My wife, Amanda, and I have started a documentary web series advocating volunteerism in the United States. We will travel the country in our van documenting, participating, and educating the American public on volunteer opportunities in their own backyards. Check out more info on our project at The Blue Van Project.

Sycamore Video was my first real chance to obtain hands-on experience in a field that I've been passionate about since middle school. With Sycamore Video as a foundation, I was able to study film in Ireland, intern for a wildlife videography company, work as a videographer for two universities, spend a half a year filming in Yellowstone National Park, and am on my way to developing my first cross country web series advocating volunteerism in the United States. Sycamore Video creates a divide between those passionate about video production and those just wanting a "fun" job. Video production is fun, but companies won't hire you just for taking the right classes, they want experience, and Sycamore Video was my first step in obtaining the experience I needed for what I believe has been a very successful career and life. 

Cyber Journalist for Sycamore Video

I did talent escorting during my internship and was able to create a music video with my fellow intern that will hopefully be posted on the CMT website soon.  My first job at CMT was as a Post Production Coordinator where I did scheduling for the department, processed encoding requests, ordered tape stock, and handled any other requests.  I then moved within Post to our Imaging department where I was an Imaging Assistant and a Credit Coordinator.  I did photo cutouts of artists and did other basic image editing, but spent most of my time retyping and reformatting credits for all of the Viacom networks.  I also was able to be a Post/Truck PA for the 2013 CMT Music Awards where I was the liaison between the Post department and the on-site truck where the directors and producers where housed. Currently I am a production assistant for the On-Air Graphics department; we are responsible for all the graphical elements that air on the channel.  My main responsibilities include loading graphics for air, archiving and unarchiving projects, setting up timelines for viewings (essentially placing all graphic elements for a show on a timeline, put black in between the clips, make it loop and route it to our viewing room so that the directors and producers can approve our work), filling in for project managers when they are out, creating the DirecTV homepages for CMT, and other odds and ends that need to be done.  I am starting to get more hands on with animations and have created several graphic elements that have gone to air (mainly lower third tune-ins and call outs that pop up during shows).  I hope to develop my skills in that area and one day become a production designer.

Videographer/Cyber Journalist 

I was a freelance video editor last year and I am currently studying film/documentary at Sheridan College in Ontario.

Sycamore Video gave me an opportunity to do hands-on work and to do collaborative work on video projects.  Plus, I was able to stay informed about ISU events and news. I had a chance to interview a lot of experienced professors and coaches on campus and work on my camera and editing skills. 

I am currently working at One America in Indianapolis, IN as a New Business Associate in the life insurance division. I occasionally write articles and conduct interviews for an online based urban magazine called 4Cast Magazine. 

I enjoyed my time working with Sycamore Video. I was able to gain useful production and interviewing skills that I am still using today. I loved working with the other students in Sycamore Video because we shared the same passion and desire to work in TV and film production. We successfully worked together to make the production of the show better each time. I appreciate the guidance I received from Mr. Perkins on how to improve my interview, pre and post production, and anchoring skills. I am so grateful for my experience with Sycamore Video.

I am a working filmmaker and actor in Austin, TX.  Films I've written and directed have been featured in various festivals and showcases and my award winning first feature, Billi & Theodore, was just released on iTunes and Amazon.  As an actor, I've been in several projects, most recently a commercial campaign for Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup.

I've always been an artist looking to tell stories.  In the past, I would just do what I wanted without little thought about the technical side of things.  Sycamore Video made me start thinking technically, which is really important.  It gave me hands on experience with sound and video equipment and Mr. Perkins helped develop my understanding of shot composition and the like.  With Syc Vid, I was able to hone my technical skills, making my projects that much better.

I've been living in Texas since graduating from ISU, working both in front of and behind the camera for commercial, TV, and feature film production. Eventually I found myself working in animation and am currently a 3D Graphics Artist and Animator at Swagger Media in Houston. Check us out on Swagger Media.

Sycamore Video was monumental in shaping who I've become as a creative professional, mainly because it taught me to just get out and do whatever it is that you want to do. In my experience, the people who have come the farthest from the program are the ones who made the conscious choice to go above and beyond and make production a primary focus in their lives rather than just do what they needed to pass their classes. Sycamore Video provided the means to accomplish this by way of equipment and facility usage and wonderful instruction from the faculty and fellow classmates. Two things I would recommend to students are to REALLY listen to criticism (discard what doesn't seem helpful later if need be, but let it soak in when it's being offered), and take advantage of this time to grow and create without restraint. Don't settle for anything less than your best, because the work is a reflection of yourself and that's something that's really important out here in the big scary real world.

Sycamore Video Producer 

After working as an assistant producer for almost two years, I am now a producer working on TV documentaries for international broadcasters in Asia, such as National Geographic, Crime & Investigation Network, History Channel, Channel News Asia, etc. 

Sycamore Video was my first good step into the TV production field. From selecting to shooting and editing stories, I got to experience and learned all this by doing. Along with Mr. Perkins’ guidance, Sycamore Video has definitely helped me become what I am today.


I have recently partnered in a multimedia production company called 'GEM Filmworks' as well as launched a production company for short and feature length films called 'Socially Aware Productions'. To view our Facebook page click here

I am in post production for a short film called 'Dandelion Dreams', shot locally here in Indianapolis and will be shooting a couple feature films in the spring. You can check out more on this film at Dandelion : The Short and on Facebook and Twitter. I have worked as a Production Assistant in Los Angeles as well as Produced and Assistant Directed a number of short films here locally. Click here to see my IMDB page.

Sycamore Video helped me tremendously by gaining knowledge of how the television and film industry works in the real world. I learned so much while working in Studio B due to the fact that you are given a number of different roles, such as Assistant Director, Technical Director, Audio Board Operator, Floor Manager, Camera Operator and so on. This form of complete training in all aspects of the Television process makes you a top candidate after graduation because you have the knowledge of multiple job requirements. To this day, I use a detailed list of duties I performed at Sycamore Video along with knowledge gained from the experience in my resume and it is definitely the reason I have had been hired for multiple jobs in the television and film industry.

I currently wear many hats. I am a professional actress in television, film, and theater.  I also work as a freelance production assistant and casting director, in addition to working as an On-Air Reporter and Associate Producer for Real Scene TV-a local television program that airs on WTHR-13 (NBC) in Indianapolis.  In 2010, I formed Ivy League Productions, where I write, produce, and direct independent films and stage plays.

Sycamore Video helped me not only by teaching me the skills needed to have a career in television, but by giving me the confidence that's needed, as well.  I consider Sycamore Video my "first." It was here that I first learned to operate equipment and how to develop a visual story.  It was here that I first learned to pitch an idea and it was here that I first stepped in front of the camera.  I pitched an entertainment segment on Sycamore Beat called Entertainment Beat, in which we highlighted students with musical talents.  Once approved, I went on to book the guests and produce, shoot, host, and edit the segment all by myself.  All of these elements of production are a part of my every day life even to this day.  Without the hands-on experience that I received from Sycamore Video and the ISU Communication Department, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now. 

After working simultaneously at two different radio stations, I shifted my focus to the airline industry where I fly as an Inflight Support Specialist (Lead Flight Attendant). Throughout my 14 year career, I created and continue to develop the company's Visual Media Department.  Robin Kutch (Sycamore graduate) and I produce, film, write, voiceover and edit company promotional and training videos. This has truly been a blessing.

Sycamore Video, gave me more tools than I could have ever imagined.  Although I was often frustrated with the lack of technology, Sycamore Video taught me to think outside the editor. In other words, how to be creative before and during the filming process, staying ahead of the game and visualizing the finished product.

Sycamore Beat Producer

After graduating ISU with my B.A. in Communications, I worked for 6 months in production at WTWO in Terre Haute before accepting a radio advertising sales job in Evansville , IN. I spent 10 wonderful years in radio advertising. A sales management job in Vincennes/Washington IN led to ownership of my own media company. I decided to switch gears and returned to ISU for a M.A. in Exercise Science and now use my marketing background on a daily basis to promote my In-Home Training/Corporate Wellness Company and Day Spa where I am a personal trainer and yoga instructor.

My experience with Sycamore Video and my undergrad years at ISU helped me learn how to make professional decisions. The many on-air interviews I conducted during my time in Sycamore Beat helped shape the important skills I use on a daily basis. I became good at getting in touch with the right person and asking the right questions to get the story I wanted. I learned to set goals and not stop reaching for them the first time someone told me “no”.

“Sycamore Video was my first real introduction to the process of making news. It was there that I began to fall in love with writing, reporting, and presenting stories on air. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call my experience with Sycamore Video life-changing.”

Rondrell Moore - Anchor / Reporter - WTHI TV / My Fox 10


"Sycamore Video was very valuable to me in college because it offered many creative, organizational and leadership opportunities. As a member you were constantly searching for new and interesting story ideas in an environment that demanded quick turnaround times with a firm deadline.  There is a real energy that comes from that kind of collaboration and you learn so much between every package produced and every show wrapped."

Matthew R. Ulm - Chief Operating Officer - FortySixTen Studios, Inc.


“Sycamore Video helped me learn networking first hand. Without Sycamore Video, I wouldn't have met many of the people who still help me on projects to this day. It gave me the chance to work on projects, learn the editing software, and get hands on experience with equipment. I was able to fine tune my skills because of it.”

Ronald Short – Independent Film Producer


‪‪"My time in Sycamore Video is something I value a lot. It was a great way to get both on-air and behind the scenes experience with broadcast media. It's fun and interactive, and teaches you how to work well in a team, which is crucial in television."

‪Molly Cummings - News Producer - WTWO