2015-2016 Sycamore Video Staff

Michael is a senior here at Indiana State University, and he is the General Manager of Sycamore Video. He graduated from McCutcheon High School back in 2011 in his native land of Lafayette, Indiana. He is majoring in Communication with a focus in Electronic Media. He has future plans to be a screenwriter, newscaster, game show host, and/or anything that involves working in TV/Film; that includes one day, possibly, being a commentator for the Chicago Cubs…. He has a lot of goals. In his free time, Michael enjoys hanging out with his family, watching movies/playing video games, and he likes to eat Goldish Crackers.  He also enjoys doing nonsense shenanigans with his friends!

Katie is a junior at Indiana State University, from Chicago, Illinois. As a communication major with a concentration in electronic media, Katie has been expanding her learning through Sycamore Video. Katie is the executive producer of Sycamore Video and has been involved since she was a freshman. Sycamore Video has helped her gain numerous skills in the film industry and after college she hopes to be working for a film production company either editing or producing films. 

HyeIn is a junior at Indiana State University. She is majoring in communications and minoring in music. Eventually, she wants to become a director/producer. It is her vision to help form a better global culture through a positive influence in media.

Kayla graduated from Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2014. She is now a Sophomore Communications major and the promotions manager for Sycamore Video. She got involved with her high school’s daily news program, Cats Eye, and fell in love with video production and short films. As an ISU freshman she was involved with the Burford Hall Dance Crew for Sycamore Sync and Remix. Over the summer she was a head counselor at a youth theatre/musical theatre camp in her hometown. She enjoys spending time with her housemates, playing/coaching volleyball, crafting, singing, and dancing in the ballroom class offered on campus.

Mateo graduated from Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. While there he was part of the school news station, Cat’s Eye for 2 years. He has gained experience with video production, animation, sound design, and music production through Cat’s Eye and making videos for YouTube. Currently he is an Electronic Communications major at Indiana State. Aspirating to be a writer for television, Mateo enjoys spending his free time playing video games and writing. 

Chelsey is a 2012 graduate of White River Valley High School. She is currently a Senior at Indiana State University studying Communication with a concentration in Electronic Media. Chelsey has a one year old son, Braxton. After graduating this spring, Chelsey hopes to work in the television and film industry.

Luke is a Terre Haute native and a senior at Indiana State University. He is majoring in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus in Communications. Once he graduates he hopes to start a career as a film maker. 

Joshua is a freshman from St. Bernice, Indiana. He currently is undecided but leaning on communications major. Josh is a member of the ISU Concert choir and Sycamore Video. In his spare time he sings, watches movies, and reads comics. 

Matthew, or Matt, is a graduate from Warren Central High School. His dream is to become a world famous film director and has a small love for WWE, but he watches football and basketball in professional and NCAA. He is currently working ESPN3 helping film the schools sporting events for the year. All he was to do is become the best at once he does and be the best director the world has ever seen.

Taylor graduated from Sullivan High school in Sullivan, MO. Her major is communication PR at ISU she is an account excutive at the Statesman the campus paper, a member of PRSSA, and marking manager at the radio station.

Sara graduated from Franklin Community High School in Franklin, Indiana. Her major is communications and she has been involved with broadcasting since the 6th grade. She’s danced pointe ballet for eight years and has played the piano for six years. Sara was also involved in choir her senior year. She held a place in all three advanced choirs her school had offered

Sydney is from Greencastle, Indiana. She graduated from Greencastle High School in 2015. Sydney is majoring in Communications with a concentration in media studies. In her free time she loves to do kickboxing, karate, and spend times with friends and family. After college, Sydney would love to work behind the scenes of movies in New York City. 

Courtney is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from Lawrence Central High School and is now a Speech Language Pathology major. Courtney enjoys reading, crocheting and watching Netflix during her free time. After college she wants to become a certified SLP and work with people who need communication devices.

Montana is a sophomore and graduated from Tri-County High School. She is a communication major with a focus in media studies, with the goal of becoming a director. She has been a member of Sycamore Video for under a year. Montana loves to obsess over her 20+ favorite movies, constantly makes references to them, and wants to make movies that other people will love also.

Justice is from Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from Pike High School. While at Pike High School, he made various short stories and teaser trailers. His major is communications and he envisions becoming a film director, producer; pretty much anything he can put his mind to. He says that listening to music helps him mentally create an idea, and he converts that idea into a film. 

Julianne graduated from Columbus East High School in May 2012 and came to Indiana State to run on the Women’s Track & Field Team. After two seasons on the team she left to begin her media career at Indiana State’s campus radio station, Z90.7FM. After completing her first year at Indiana State, Julianne began her first internship working for Betsy Ross and her PR firm Game Day Communications. At Game Day, Julianne helped make media reports and even filmed her own promotional news packages for events in Cincinnati, with Betsy’s help and coaching. Before beginning her senior year she moved to Cincinnati to spend the summer interning at WLWT Channel 5 News, a top news market. There, she went out on stories with reporters and made her own 

Kylee is currently a Sophomore and graduated from Whiteland Community High School. She is a communication major with a minor in media technology and broadcasting.  When she graduates she hopes to become a news anchor in Indianapolis.  Kylee works at Sycamore Video as the Assistant News Director and also work at Sycamore Creations.  She is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and enjoys spending time with her sisters.  In her spare time she enjoys napping, watching Netflix, and crafting with her sisters.