2017-2018 Sycamore Video Staff

Kylee Leverett is a Senior in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. She will graduate in May of 2018 and plans on working within a communication department. She is currently the General Manager at Sycamore Video and enjoys working with the creative people at Sycamore Video. Kylee enjoys being a part of her sorority, Sigma Kappa, and working alongside other sorority members. In her free time, she loves napping, cooking, and hanging out with her Sycamore Video friend, Montana Waibel.

Sara, Executive Producer of Sycamore Video, is a Junior Communications Major with a concentration of Media Studies. She’s been a member of Sycamore Video for three years and an officer for two and a half. She’s also a video operator for ESPN3. Sara hopes to pursue a career within the news industry and later on work on set of major movie productions. Outside of film she enjoys playing the piano as well as working her job at Panera Bread.

Justice Yard is a junior studying Communications and Media Studies at Indiana State. He is currently the Production Manager for Sycamore Video. Also, Justice is assisting in developing packages for sports ESPN 3 half-time features that are featured live on ESPN 3 during games. He is working on understanding film and enjoys discussing film with other Sycamore Video members. Lastly, Justice is learning cinematography and film direction in order to find occupational positions in the Hollywood area.

Maura Adams is a sophomore majoring in PR with a minor in Interior Design. This is Maura’s second year in Sycamore Video and she currently is the News Director for Sycamore Video. She also serves as her scholarship chair for Sigma Kappa. In her free time, she enjoys watching the tv show ‘Friends’ and Disney movies. Maura plans on graduating in Spring of 2020.

Matthew Lester is currently a junior at Indiana State University and is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He majors in communication with a concentration in media studies. He is the Sports Director for Sycamore Video as well as a Student Video Operator for EPSN3 in the Missouri Valley Conference. His job consists of producing sports feature packages that will be featured on EPSN3 during ISU home games. After graduation, Matthew plans to takes his talents into the film industry as a filmmaker or expand his options into sports media. Outside of media, Matthew is also a part of campus outreach, an organization that guides students into their faith of Christianity. Fun fact, Matthew is a huge WWE fan.

Montana Waibel is the Promotion Manager for Sycamore Video. She is a senior and has been a part of Sycamore Video for three years. Montana has served two of those years as an officer. She runs the organization’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and our website. She is a communication major with goals to work on movies in the future. She enjoys a lovely day filled with macaroni & cheese, chicken patties, and cosmic brownies!

Breanna Tryon is a Senior at ISU and a Communication major. Her main focus at Indiana State is public relations. Breanna’s hobbies include being involved with Sycamore Video and volunteering with individuals who have intellectual disabilities. When she graduates from ISU, she hopes to work within community relations helping advocate for non-for-profits that cater to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Dazzmen Garrett is a Senior at Indiana State University. His major is communication, concentrating in electronic media. After he graduates from Indiana State, he wants to pursue a career in the film industry. His favorite hobbies include drawing and creating short films. This is Dazzmen’s first year as an officer and he is excited to continue his year with Sycamore Video.

Marvin Bills is a Junior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies really focusing in TV Broadcasting and TV News. Coming from Indianapolis, Indiana, graduating from Ben Davis High School, Marvin developed his passion for News first once coming to Indiana State University. He really fell in love with the art of TV in general. He is an officer for Sycamore Video, assisting the News Director and assisting as a Producer for multiple shows. Marvin hopes to continue growing as a storyteller and Multimedia Journalist. Aspiring to graduate and receive a job reporting for a local news station, while doing that he wants to find his roots and hopefully become an anchor at a news station in a high media market. Marvin enjoys helping others, and learning new things. An innovative and artistic character follows Marvin in anything he does, and he hopes to share that with his fellow peer’s as he continues his journey at Indiana State University. "

Trevor Brown is a sophomore at Indiana State University Majoring in Unmanned Systems. He is from Pekin, Illinois where he was a both a member of sound crew and a treasurer for the French Club. At ISU, he is an Assistant Production Manager for Sycamore video and a president of the Design, Build, Fly program.