19th Annual ISU Student Video Expo Winners

LONG FORM VIDEO (5:00-15:00)

The City, The Hill, and The Brain” Joshua Hart, Jeremy Young & Sam T. Morlan 7:20

Another Life” Kathryn Higginbotham 14:30 (WINNER)

Countdown” Joshua Hart & Jeremy Young 5:23

Fruitridge Ave.” Joshua Hart, Jeremy Young & Amy Dunegan 6:00


ALUMNI VIDEO (5:00-15:00)

The Rink” Ronald Short, Carrie (Evans) Cates & Ami Kane 12:32

Blackout” Carrie (Evans) Cates 9:17



Kindling” Kyle McGinty & Sydney Jones 2:16

Mute” Caleb Bryant 2:14 (WINNER)

Agent Dingleberry” Noah Vanosdol 2:14

Neurosis” Kyle McGinty & Sydney Jones 1:26



Honey I’m Honest” (feat. SHPSH) Samuel Arnold, Austin Sheese & Chris Learned 4:04

Yellowstone” (Official Music Video) Samuel Arnold, Austin Sheese & Chris Learned 3:55

Crime” (Official Music Video) Isaaiel Collins-Jones 2:00

Brother Unknown” (Official Music Video) Samuel Arnold, Austin Sheese & Jaren Lee West 3:44 (WINNER)



Work.EXE” Joshua Hart 2:05 (WINNER)

Sculpting of an Equestrian Monument” Ethan Newport 1:05

The Island of Lost Toys” Kayle Engel 2:11

The Way Out” Elaina Llewellyn 2:10

Happy Birthday” Luis Lopez-Minutti :53

The Toy of Choice” A’Laya Berry-Potts 2:36

Vivid Einstein” Ethan Newport 1:40



 “From this life to another” Rebecca Henry 1:30

Why does Sycamore Video Give to Blue?” Ashlyn Hendrix & Karen Torres :30 (WINNER)

The Avoidable Death” Rebecca Henry 1:15

Why We Love State for ADP” Emilee Hartzler, Katie Myers,

Emma Land, Jabrea Jones :49

The 16th Annual Sycamore Video Expo Woody Award Winners

Sycamore Video members are listed in bold.


Long Form Video


“Her Favorite Toy”

Dawnetta Henzman


Movie Trailer-



Jon Garcia,Sydney Smiley,

Joshua Hart & Montana Waibel




“This Is It”

Esther Musau


Commercial / PSA / Promo / Commercial Satire (TIE)

“We Are Sycamore Video”

Katie Schmidtke



Esther Musau

The 15th Annual Sycamore Video Expo Woody Award Winners

Sycamore Video members are listed in bold.


Standard of Beauty”

Esther Musau


Long Form Video


Just the Beginning”

 Katie Schmidtke





Cecil Dutch Archer


Short Form Video

(Under 2:00)

“Cleanin’ Up”

Cecil Dutch Archer


Commercial / PSA / Promo / Commercial Satire

“Sycamore Video Promo”

 HyeIn Ko

2015 Sycamore Video Woody Award winners

SaBrandi Powers, HyeIn Ko, Mr. Jeffrey Perkins, director of student video production, Michael Winstead, Katie Schmidtke & Esther Musau. Not pictured is Julianne Mackey.

Long Form Video (4:00-10:00)
Katie Schmidtke, Michael Winstead & Julianne Mackey

Video (2:00-5:00)
“We’re All Mad”
SaBrandi Powers

Movie Trailer
“Three in One”
HyeIn Ko

Promo / PSA / Video Short (Tie)
Esther Musau

Where Do You Want To Go?
SaBrandi Powers


2014 Sycamore Video Woody Award winners

The 13th Annual Sycamore Video Expo was held on Thursday, April 24th, 2014.

Woody Award winners included:

Long Form Video


Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith & Lizzie Lynch

Movie Trailer / Video Short


Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith & Lizzie Lynch

Commercial Satire / PSA / Open


Cole Smith, Annie Johnston, Jacob Osborn & A.J. Patiag

Sycamore Video in the News

Sycamore Video Promotion Manager Karen Torres, a senior Communication major with dual concentrations in public relations and media studies from Columbus, IN, was selected as the spring commencement undergraduate student speaker.

Indiana State University’s Lingua Franca House hosted the Mini World Cup on Thursday at Kennedy Field. The soccer game ran from 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening and was attended by various students and faculty from the Languages, Literature, and Linguistics (LLL) department at ISU.

This week marks the beginning of a new semester at Indiana State University, but campus made sure to make all incoming and returning students alike feel welcomed back.

Indiana Statesman

The Women’s basketball team is already looking like a new team. With the changes that came in the offseason, they’re already looking more united. You can see this in their Instagram posts even, if you go to their page they have pictures with their new coach that are relating to what ones wou…

Indiana State University is hosting the 15th annual Indiana Bat Festival! The event is Saturday, from 10:30am to 9:00pm. The activities will be held in the science building at ISU until 3:30 pm, and they will continue at Dobbs park 6-9 pm.

The Sycamore

First-year students connect with current Indiana State students during the traditional March Through the Arch 

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