This Week at ISU

This Week at ISU 4.22.2021

Karen Torres and Katie Higginbotham hosts, covering events such as Stop and Serves, Brother Jeb and Sister Cindy and more.

Host: Karen Torres and Katie Higginbotham
Producer: Jabrea Jones
Director: Isaaiel Collins-Jones
Assistant Director: Michelle Hall
Technical Director: Eddie Jackson
Audio: Tras McMillian
Teleprompter: Kaylee Sparks
Character Generator: Kassidy Madison
Video Operator: Martha Hall
Floor Manager: Brennen Maus

Camera 1: Karen G.
Camera 2: Ashlyn Hendrix
Floor Manager: Brennen Maus
Technical Genius: Dorothy Gofourth

Sycamore Video in the News

Indiana Statesman

If there is one problem with ISU, it is the parking. Every single night, day, morning, whatever time, you will find at least three people driving around to find a spot with the pass they purchased.

Happy study week, Sycamores! With the school year almost over, I know many, if not all of us, are itching to get back home for summer. As tempting as it is to shut down or give up on that super hard class right now, you’ve already made it this far. To help you through study week and finals, …

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