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INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Unfortunately, several media outlets have inaccurately stated that "Splenda" comes from China. That reporting is inaccurate. To the contrary, Splenda® Brand Sweetener, best known for our signature yellow packets, is the zero calorie sweetener brand millions of people trust every day for quality and great taste and is the only national brand low-calorie sweetener that is 100% made in the USA.

Everyone has heard the headlines: the retail apocalypse is here; online shopping has replaced traditional stores. But it turns out that's not what's actually going on. Here's the truth behind the headlines.

It is black history month and black students have been excited ever since the Black History Month Kick-off which was held on Feb. 3. The black community within Indiana State University have been looking forward to the events that are planned throughout this month, including Hiplet.

Sycamore SafeZone Level 1 was on Jan. 5 on the 7th Floor in the Hulman Memorial Student Union where Grayson Purtlebaugh, facilitator of Safe Zone, talked about the do’s and don’ts while communicating with transsexual people.