On Nov. 12 Critical Conversations Film Series was held in the Hulman Memorial Student Union to show a film called “Dysfunctional Societies,” followed by a discussion by Dr. Don Richards, professor in the department of economics.

 “Dysfunctional Societies,” is based upon the book “The Spirit Level,” co-written by Richard Wilkinson who narrated the film.

The series focuses on the issues caused by gaps of inequality within societies and provides evidence for the claims.

After the conclusion of the film, Dr. Richards gave the audience a moment to think before proposing the question: Is it better to be a poor person within a rich country or a poor person in a poor country?

Answers from the audience ranged from both sides, but all agreed that the answer was not one or the other.

The Critical Conversations Film Series topics presented Tuesday reached each member of the audience, inspiring empathy and the search for the solution to achieving equality for all.