The 3-1 Colts and the 3-1 Browns are set for kickoff. The Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns are two teams with a very similar start to this year’s NFL season; both teams hold the same winning streak in their respective divisions going into this contest.

The Browns offense happens to be their biggest asset, granted it comes with a primed Odell Beckham Jr at wide receiver. Beckham has 16 receptions on the season along with 236 yards, averaging almost 15 yards per reception and to top that off he has 3 touchdowns on the season, independently. The Browns offense has 5.9 yards gained per carry and 204.5 yards per game making them first in the NFL on offensive rushes.

Their big test-- unfortunately, is that Indianapolis defense. The Colts defense allows 3.6 yards per carry and 77 yards per game this season, making them the fourth best defense in the league. Even more, the Colts are currently the best in the NFL on pass defense. The colts have an accumulated 68.4 rating with 159.3 yards per game, in the air—making them stand alone at first in pass defense in the league.

The Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield has 7 touchdowns this season along with 2 interceptions, 182.3 yards per game, and a rating of 93.7. Though he has not been throwing the ball much, when he does—it is intentional and effective. On the other hand, the Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers has been hot recently. Just last week, Rivers alone accumulated 190 yards, a touchdown, with a rating of 86.9 in their win against the Chicago Bears. Rivers has not thrown an interception since week 2 of the 2020 NFL season. This contest easily comes down to a high scoring offense versus a ferocious Colts defense. In the end, only one teams winning streak will continue.