Rocks: Unconventional Motivation

Rock painting may seem like just a fun craft, but Tobacco Free Blue decided to use it to help in a campaign to help those looking to quit tobacco.

Katie Lugar, the Tobacco-Free Blue advisor, and LaMonica Skyes, in association with Tobacco Free Blue, set up at Dede Plaza on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Passing students were invited to decorate rocks with motivational quotes meant to help those looking to quit tobacco.

The rocks will be put into “quit kits” with sensory objects such as slinkies and acupressure rings, and information on how to quit tobacco products. These are then distributed to those interested in quitting tobacco products.

In an email exchange, Skyes said, “Tobacco Free Blue is a student organization that has successfully advocated for Indiana State University's comprehensive tobacco-free policy which was approved in May 2020. The organization has continued their work by providing health education about the impacts of tobacco product use and referring people interested in quitting to campus and community tobacco cessation resources.”

Tobacco Free Blue will have a table out every Tuesday in October from 3:00 to 4:30 pm and will also be holding a campus clean up to celebrate Sustainability Month.

Student volunteers will have the opportunity to earn community service credit.

For more information on the quit kits or the events, check the Treehouse or email Lugar. She can be reached at