taboo topics

On Nov. 19 the Multicultural Services and Programs held their Taboo Topics series in the Cunningham Memorial Library where Chris Cornelius, the founding principal of Studio: Indigenous, spoke about indigenous architecture.

The event held talks to explain the indigenous architecture and how indigenous people see the landscape. Cornelius explained how architecture for the indigenous community was more than just building a house out of rocks.

Cornelius elaborated on how indigenous people see the landscape, giving an example of Bears Ears, a land with many myths told by indigenous tribes, each one different from the other. They focus on two things, nature ismine; to create and nature is me; to be and become.

Cornelius showed the audience the architectural model from the Indian Community School of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they use different terms for the places students use every day. They call the dining: feast and the classroom names are related to the land, like Turtle.

The school is a private school for Indigenous kids, the terms they use are simply to make them feel like a community even though they all come from different tribes.

These topics aim to create an informative and well-rounded discussion around controversial topics where students can give their opinions and increase their social consciousness.