Ever since his American Idol debut, Adam Lambert has had a special place in my heart. That is why when I found out that he had released a new EP, Velvet: Side A, I was more than willing to travel down memory lane. With a funky '70s rock sound, Adam Lambert created a 6-song EP that would be perfect for an outdoor concert with our recent October weather.

The EP begins with “Superpower”, a track with a strong baseline and lyrics that aim to inspire confidence in his listeners. “Superpower” is the song you listen to when you do not want to care about what others think of you, and live for yourself. Following with a slower tempo, “Stranger You Are” continues the theme of straying from the norms, and being who you really are. Since becoming well known, Adam Lambert has been the artist to try new things and be unique in his approach to music, so it makes since that he would approach this theme.

“Closer To You” is the track that surprised me. Moving away from a typical funk sound, this slow jam sounds surprisingly similar, call me crazy, to a track we would hear from pop artist Adele. Straying from his comfort zone in this track, Lambert used the template of a slow tempo track to display his truly impressive vocal range. With a Tame Impala sound, next track “Overglow” may be my least favorite of this EP, simply because of its repetitiveness. Despite not being my preferred genre, or sound, Lambert’s vocals alone allow me to enjoy this track nonetheless. 

Sounding like it came from one of my Dad’s old mixtapes, “Loverboy” is a highlight of this EP. The early 80s sound in this track make me want to tie my hair up, put on some brightly colored clothing, and jump onto the closest dance floor I can find. “Loverboy” is the definition of a “feel-good” song. With a jump back to the sound of “Stranger You Are,” the final track of this EP is “Ready To Run”. This ending track is very low-key, and has a bass chord that nearly makes it ominous. In my opinion, this was a smart choice for an ending to a both exciting and high-energy EP.

Adam Lambert does not disappoint. With born talent, Lambert was meant to be a singer, and he proves this fact yet again in Velvet: Side A. The next time I need a confidence boost this EP will be seeing me again.

Favorite Songs: Closer To You = Loverboy

Rating: 6/10