ISU students went on a walking tour of downtown Terre Haute and Indiana State University’s campus on Oct. 23, Friday. The Haunted History tour was led by Tell Tale Tours owner Ashley Hood.

Maggie McDonald, a second-year student at ISU, said she participated in the walk because it sounded interesting. McDonald said, “Well, it sounded super interesting. I wanted to learn more about the history of Terre Haute and things like legends and folklore.”

Participants learned about the history of local buildings such as the Vigo County Historical Society and ISU’s Dreiser Hall. In addition, local legends about potential spirits inhabiting the buildings were told.

One such legend is that of Barb, who is purported to inhabit the fourth floor of Burford Hall at ISU. She was once a student who died tragically of alcohol poisoning on the bathroom floor after a night of drinking. A sign of her activity is that one may hear someone vomiting and crying, though she supposedly may also scream, throw objects, and knock on doors.

Hood explained that her passion for the supernatural came from her mother and was expanded when paranormal investigation TV shows became popular. In addition to giving walking tours, she has published two books: Haunted Terre Haute and Haunted Cemeteries of Indiana.

For more information about her walking tours or paranormal investigation, Ashley Hood can be contacted at or at (812) 230-2127.