Saudi Arabia image

To introduce the Indiana State University campus to students and faculty from other countries, Around the World in 90 Minutes was held this month Tuesday afternoon in Hulman Memorial Student Union in Room 720.

Each month includes a different country led by students from that nation who present information about their cultural. This month’s culture was Saudi Arabia which discussed the geography, cities, food, and misconceptions about the Middle East country. 

The audience was treated to two short documentaries that summed up the misconceptions people might have about Saudi Arabia and shed light on their culture and hospitality as well as their rich cities and technology. 

At the end of the event, the audience was treated to Saudi Arabia coffee and snacks with a live music performance from two students who play the guitar and the oud, which is a pear-shaped stringed instrument. 

The President of Saudi Student Association, Mohammad Samkari made this event to educate people who may not know much about his country. 

“This gives us an opportunity and encourage us to teach you guys about Saudi Arabia. We are here to learn about United States culture and I think we must teach you about our culture too,” said Samkari. 

The room was packed with students who came to learn about Saudi Arabia and one student has a passion for learning about different cultures. 

“I really, really enjoy culture and I think that it’s very interesting that ISU has one of the highest diversity rates in the state of Indiana college-wise,” said Jarome Hawker, junior. “It’s interesting to go into these groups to become diversified yourself and to learn more about different cultures and how they impact you.” 

This Thursday in Room 720, students who are interested will be able to taste different kinds of food and beverages from Saudi Arabia starting at 5 p.m.