On Tuesday, January 19th, ISU held a Zoom event titled Insurrection, Impeachment and Inauguration. This event was presented by the Department of History, African and African American Studies Program, Center for Community Engagement, and the American Democracy Project. The panelists for this event included many professors at ISU: Dr. Ann Chirhart, Rev. Terry Clark, Dr. Lisa Phillips and Dr. Kimberly Stanley as the main force.

The event focused on the Storming of the Capital that took place earlier this year, on January 6th.  On the main points of the event was it unprecedent display that took place at the capitol and how in America history there has never been such a display quite like it. Panelist each had their own segments to speak on their thoughts and the fields of expertise as it related to this storming of the capitol. Some of the topics expanded on during the event were: The Rise of the Far Right, The Storming of the Capital in comparison to the Black Lives Matter Movement, Matching the Storming of the Capitol to Other Events in American History and Black Law Enforcement and Black Women versus Insurrection.

The takeaway from the event showed that there is still are racial and systematic divide within the United States and now more than ever its effect is being highlighted within the news outlets, social media hubs and the everyday paths that individuals walk. It was a chance for students, facuity and staff that attended to listen and ask questions through a Q and A segment at the end to become more informed and get their questions answered by experts in their fields.